11 Tips You Need To Know When Choosing A Hotel in Okinawa

Japanese Room with Futon

If you are thinking of where to go for your next holiday, why not consider Okinawa? It’s a charming island in South Japan that rewards you daily with turquoise water, abundance marine life, yummy seafood and delicious meat. Most importantly, it’s a great place to load up on beauty products (oops, pardon me!).   Hope I’ve gotten you excited! To make travel planning easy for you, I’m sharing with you 11 tips that can help you …

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Chasing waterfalls at Wufengchi and Yuemeikeng in Eastern Taiwan (Day 5)

Wufengchi Waterfall

Day 5 of our Eastern Taiwan Tour would be an adventurous one filled right to the brim with activities ranging from chasing waterfalls at Wufengchi and Yuemeikeng, to visiting museum, eating seafood caught fresh from fishing harbor and more. Join me as we explore attractions around Yilan and Luodong of Eastern Taiwan and see how we got lost in some.

Day 4 – Goodbye, Hualien. Hello, Luodong!

Luodong Night Market

Goodbye, Hualien. Today, on Day 4 of our Eastern Taiwan Tour, we would be making our way to Luodong, a town located further north on the eastern coast of Taiwan. Read on and see why we regretted not taking an express train (it’s not speed issue). I’ll also show you why Luodong Night Market is so worth going to. Scroll down now. :)

Our journey from Cebu to Mactan Airport in Philippines (Day 10)

Mactan Cebu Airport

In this final post of my 10-day Philippines Tour, I’ll be sharing our short but very interesting journey getting from Cebu to Mactan Airport. You’ll also read tips that can help you save money and avoid the common taxi scams. In case you are looking for a hotel to stay in Cebu, you may also be interested to read my mini-review of Mandarin Plaza, Cebu. Read on! 

Philippines Tour (Day 9) – How to get from Boracay to Cebu?

Boracay to Cebu

This 10-day Philippines travelogue is finally coming to an end. Today, we would be bidding farewell to Boracay. Join me in this return journey where I’ll share some minor mishaps (sob!) as we made our way from Boracay to Cebu. It would be for a short stay near Ayala mall before catching a next-day flight home.

Boracay Island Hopping Tour (Day 8 – pt 2)

Puka Beach

After an early morning session of helmet diving when we had the opportunity to walk on seabed of Boracay, what’s coming up next would be to continue with another tour – Boracay Island Hopping Tour. This tour on Day 8 of our Philippines 10-Day Tour would bring us to Crystal Cove, Crocodile Island and Puka Beach.

Willy’s Rock and Paraw Sailing in Boracay (Day 7)

Paraw Boracay

Highly recommended activity in Boracay – Paraw sailing!  Anyone keen? Now that we had “moved house” from secluded Ilig Iligan to the very populated White Beach at Boracay, what awaited us were island tours and fun water activities that would keep us occupied for the next few days. Paraw sailing, helmet diving, snorkeling and more beach activities, here we come!

Hotel Experience staying at Ilig Iligan Beach and White Beach of Boracay (Day 6)

White Beach Boracay

Oh dear. Sorry for the short hiatus –  I was exploring other parts of the world including El Nido, Puerto Princesa, Eastern Taiwan etc. Now that I’m back, let’s continue with where I’d left off. On Day 6 of our Philippines 10-day Tour, we bade farewell to Ilig Iligan Beach and waved a big “Hello” to White Beach!  Yes, we would ‘move house’ to stay near the most popular and crowded part of Boracay where White Beach is.

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