Things to do in Kundasang

12 enjoyable things to do in Kundasang, except for No. 11!

Is Kundasang worth visiting? What are the things to do in Kundasang? Read on as I unveil 12 things I did in this beautiful mountainous town, located about 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu.  For a chronological flow of my 10-day Kota Kinabalu trip, check out these posts first: First 3 Days in Kota Kinabalu Town Central Getting from Kota Kinabalu […]

Singapore zoo things to see

Is Singapore Zoo worth going? Honest view from a local

Singapore Zoo has been ranked as top attractions in Singapore by many. Is it really worth visiting? Should you spend your precious time and money visiting a zoo on foreign land or even as a local?  I have the answer for you as I’ve just visited the Singapore Zoo. The last time I’d been there was at least a decade

Hibiya Park Ginza

How I spent my time in Ginza, Tokyo (and discovered this Oasis by chance)

This was my final day based out of Akihabara, and my plan was to shop around Ginza and Tokyo Station. You’ll also see me travelling to Shinjuku to collect Hakone Free Pass, which I would tap on for all my travelling needs for the next 3 days. If you like a chronological flow of my 9-day Tokyo solo trip, check out

Food in Ueno Park, Tokyo

11 things I did in Ueno, including great sushi find in Tokyo (Day 2 Itinerary)

After a fruitful morning enjoying the sights at Asakusa, we are moving on to Ueno to see what this district offers. Ueno, an area located in the same NE region of Tokyo (and near my base in Tokyo) is definitely worth visiting if you enjoy park, temples and street food. Before we proceed to Day 2 (PM) itinerary, read these

Senso-Ji Temple Asakusa Itinerary

Tokyo Travel: Day 2 in Asakusa Celebrating Popular Shrine Festival with locals!

Hey there, check out Day 2 of my Tokyo travel! You’ll see me splitting my time equally between Asakusa and Ueno districts, both of which are located near where I stayed in the North-eastern part of Tokyo (@Akihabara). To be honest, I was surprised to find myself having so much fun in Asakusa, a place I’d initially contemplated skipping.  Before

Taiwan 8 Days Itinerary

Taiwan 8 Days Itinerary as a Solo Female Traveller

How easy is it to travel to Taiwan as a solo female traveler? In this post, I’ll share with you my Taiwan 8 Days Itinerary and how I did it on free and easy. No group tours. No taxis. No engaged drivers. Just public buses, trains and my reliable pair of legs. I think that’s the best way to get to

Golden Bridge Da Nang

Is Ba Na Hills worth a visit? Here’s what I think!

Ba Na Hills is a must-visit destination on most tourists’ map when they visit Da Nang, Vietnam. Other than the Instagram-worthy giant palms that hold the Golden Bridge, what else can you do at Ba Na Hills? How long should you spend there? And is the pricey admission worth the experience?     Let me share my experience visiting Ba Na

Bukit TImah Truss Bridge

Guide to hiking Rail Corridor in Singapore (Includes Route map & tips)

I’ve had an enjoyable time hiking the Rail Corridor in Singapore and am eager to share my experience with you. Hope this can help you navigate the most interesting and photogenic part of the green corridor.  Before I begin my sharing, let me give you a brief intro of this relatively new attraction in Singapore.   What is the Rail

Upper Pierce Reservoir

What a super scenic day at Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, Singapore

Trapped in tiny Singapore for close to 2 years, I found myself exploring places I would never have known if not for Covid-19. Last weekend, we took a drive to Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, and were so amazed with the scenic experience, that started right from the single-lane drive into the park.  As you can see, this lane has minimal

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