Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation

Hide Imperfections naturally with Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation

We haven’t talked about foundation for quite a while, have we? Today, let’s talk about one that I’ve brought back from Japan – Integrate Gracy White Liquid Foundation.  Are you looking for a foundation that’s formulated to suit middle-aged skin? Do you want to hide your skin’s imperfections without looking like you have a lot of makeup on? If you […]

Some said Decorte Liposome Repair Serum is a must-try elixir. Is it true?

When travelling in Tokyo, I asked a Japanese local which beauty products were worth recommending. And she said, “Decorte Liposome Repair Serum.”  Hey all, if you’ve read my Tokyo Travelogue, you would know that I made a new Japanese friend on a train when travelling to Hakone, a mountainous hot spring town. This friendly lady recommended two beauty products of

Media BB Cream

Why Kanebo Media BB Cream is still a Japan-must-buy after 6 years

Do you often break out from using BB cream? If you do, check out Media BB Cream as it has been proven to be safe on my pimple-prone skin. I like it so much I’ve repurchased this every time I visit Japan or Taiwan.  As you see, I’d never had much luck with BB cream. Most of them caused me

Skinceuticals Vitamin C Serum 30ml

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Vitamin C – Is it worth the hefty price tag?

Hey all, after seven years of beauty blogging, I’ve finally splurged on SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic – a Vitamin C Serum that I presumed is the market leader because of its patented formula (and hefty price tag). Is this Vitamin C serum deserving of its premium pricing? Does it do better than other brands with seemingly similar formula, that costs

Meeth Face Mask

Meet Meeth – A New Luxury Skincare from Japan that wants to boost your self-confidence!

Hey all, I like to introduce a new skincare brand from Japan. Known as Meeth and helmed by Japanese celebrity Sonmi, this brand is based on a simple philosophy – self confidence! Sonmi believes that how you feel about your skin can shape your behaviour, thoughts and chances you grab in life.  So, how does Meeth skincare boost our self confidence

Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel

Is Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel really waterproof?

Hey guys, I bought Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel two years ago from Japan, and found it to be such an essential sunscreen for travelling (or staycation these days) that I’ve gone on to repurchase it. It provided convenience as a useful all-in-one sunscreen that can be applied to face and body in many situations, even in water.  When

Suncut UV Protect Essence

Suncut UV Protect Essence Review | Pick Gel or Essence?

I’ve been a fan of Suncut since I first blogged about this sunscreen brand in 2014. Previously, I’ve only tried the “gel” version. Today, let’s talk about the “essence”, or more specifically – Suncut UV Protect Essence. How are the two formula different? Is the essence as good as the gel? Why use one over another? Let’s find out. :)

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