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Singapore zoo things to see

Is Singapore Zoo worth going? Honest view from a local

Singapore Zoo has been ranked as top attractions in Singapore by many. Is it really worth visiting? Should you spend your precious time and money visiting a zoo on foreign land or even as a local?  I have the answer for you as I’ve just visited the Singapore Zoo. The last time I’d been there was at least a decade […]

Windmill Viewpoint Phuket

6 Days Phuket Itinerary: Things to do in Phuket Other than Island Hopping

Is Phuket worth a second visit? Today, I’ll share with you a 6 Days Phuket Itinerary as a second-time visitor. The question you may wonder – are there enough things to do in Phuket after having done those popular island-hopping tours and night shows?  Well, there certainly are. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have visited it again and chosen to stay for

Melaka Street Art

15 Melaka Attractions you can visit in a day (Melaka Itinerary)

How to visit 15 Melaka Attractions in a day? Well, it isn’t really difficult because many attractions in Melaka are compactly located around Jonker Street. A google map and a working GPS on your phone are all you need to wander around Melaka like an expert. Of course, you’ll have to first mark down these locations as part of your travel

Bukit TImah Truss Bridge

Guide to hiking Rail Corridor in Singapore (Includes Route map & tips)

I’ve had an enjoyable time hiking the Rail Corridor in Singapore and am eager to share my experience with you. Hope this can help you navigate the most interesting and photogenic part of the green corridor.  Before I begin my sharing, let me give you a brief intro of this relatively new attraction in Singapore.   What is the Rail

Century Street Food Court

Here’s why Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru may appeal to food lovers! (Part 2 of Review)

This is a continuation of my earlier review on Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru, and I will share about the hotel’s recreational facilities, food options, as well as overall recommendation. If you’ve missed Part 1 of the review, check it out here before you continue. For info, Part 1 of the review talked more about the hotel room’s design, layout

Trove Hotel JB Twin Room

What I think of Trove Hotel JB after staying for 2 nights (Johor Bahru Hotel Review)

Finally, it’s time to travel! I’ve recently stayed in Trove Hotel JB (Malaysia) for two nights and will share my thoughts on whether I think this affordable hotel is worth a stay. If you want a quick answer, then yes, I would recommend Trove Hotel for budget traveler. It has no major flaws and you can have a decent stay

Marine Parade Hawker

What we did on Day 2 at Village Katong Hotel (It’s relaxing!)

Continuing from Day 1 post, I’m going to share what we did on Day 2 at Village Katong Hotel. I’ll also provide a summary of pros and cons of this hotel that is located in the Eastern part of Singapore, before ending with an overall recommendation.  If you haven’t read the previous post, check it out as it shares a

Village Katong Hotel Review

Village Hotel Katong is my favourite staycation thus far! Here’s why

What an amazingly-relaxing time I’ve had at Village Hotel Katong! It’s the best staycation I’ve enjoyed thus far and I’m going to tell you why this place is worth a consideration. This is especially so if you are into great amenities, good food and a relaxing vibe. The room layout was almost flawless too! We stayed there for two nights

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