Cingjing Taiwan

Things to do in Taichung for 9 Days (Itinerary Part 2)

Hey guys, have you been waiting for Part 2 of our Central Taiwan travelogue? Today, you’ll read about the things we did in Taichung region from Day 5 to Day 9. We hiked up a mountain in Hehuanshan, fed some touristy sheep in Cingjing and spent a few days deeply exploring Taichung City. The final day was dedicated to Taoyuan […]

9 Days Taiwan Itinerary Around Taichung

9 Days Taiwan Itinerary Around Taichung (by rental car) – Part 1

Hey guys, guess you all know by now how much I love Taiwan. It’s been a while since I returned from my fourth trip to Taiwan earlier this year and I’m ready to share with you my 9 Days Taiwan Itinerary around Taichung.  This trip was made possible, all thanks to my personal chauffeur (hee hee!), an affordable rental car

Fushin Hotel Taichung

14 Reasons why I miss Fushin Hotel Taichung (Hotel Review)

I hardly ever say this to a hotel and I’m going to say it to Fushin Hotel in Taichung.  “I miss you!” In fact, I said that out loud just a few hours after checking out of the 4-star hotel. What made me fall in love with this supposedly old and dated hotel in Taichung, Taiwan? Well, plenty of good

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