Cingjing to Hehuanshan

Rent a Car in Taiwan: My Cheap & Fuss-free Taiwan Car Rental Experience

“Are you sure you want to rent a car through this website? Not many reviews yet, you know?” I’d asked my partner. I was referring to a Taiwan Car Rental listing on Klook.com. I’ve no qualms about being a guinea pig when it comes to testing hotels and Airbnbs. But testing a car is a serious matter. If a car […]

Cingjing Taiwan

Things to do in Taichung for 9 Days (Itinerary Part 2)

Hey guys, have you been waiting for Part 2 of our Central Taiwan travelogue? Today, you’ll read about the things we did in Taichung region from Day 5 to Day 9. We hiked up a mountain in Hehuanshan, fed some touristy sheep in Cingjing and spent a few days deeply exploring Taichung City. The final day was dedicated to Taoyuan

9 Days Taiwan Itinerary Around Taichung

9 Days Taiwan Itinerary Around Taichung (by rental car) – Part 1

Hey guys, guess you all know by now how much I love Taiwan. It’s been a while since I returned from my fourth trip to Taiwan earlier this year and I’m ready to share with you my 9 Days Taiwan Itinerary around Taichung.  This trip was made possible, all thanks to my personal chauffeur (hee hee!), an affordable rental car

Taipei to Hualien

Eastern Taiwan 8-Day Tour: How to get from Taipei to Hualien! (Day 1 – pt 1)

Hello, everyone. This is the beginning of a new travelogue. I’ll be covering my 8 days trip to Eastern Taiwan and featuring attractions in Hualien, Luodong, Yilan, Shifen and more. As usual, my writing style is to share in-depth information, tips and logistics details to help those who intend to travel to Taiwan on free and easy. Ok, before I get

Taiwan 8 Day Solo Trip

Easiest Way to get from Taipei Main Station to Taoyuan Airport (Taiwan Tour – Day 8)

How to travel from Taipei Main Station to Taoyuan Airport? Where to store your luggage? What’s the best route to get yourself to Bus Terminal and avoid steep staircases while lugging along heavy luggage? This final day of my Taipei’s 8 Days Tour will provide tips on how to get yourself to airport in the most effortless way. Check it out.   Gulping Myself Silly

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