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What to buy in Japan

25 Things to Buy in Japan that are Affordable & Loved by Locals

What do we buy in Japan? Today, I’m going to share 25 things to buy in Japan that appeal to both locals and tourists alike. Yes, we are going to skip the touristy souvenirs – those that are so steeply marked-up that locals would shun. So, come take a look and check out the practical and functional stuff that I […]

Things to buy in Malaysia

25 Things to Buy in Malaysia (2023): A Singaporean’s Perspective

What are the things worth buying from Malaysia? As many of you know, I travel to Malaysia frequently, at least twice a month. Over the years, I’ve figured out what are the stuff worth lugging back to Singapore. Obviously, with Singapore being the most expensive city in the world, many things may seem worthwhile to bring back from Malaysia, right?

9 Top Beauty Products

9 Top Beauty Products of 2021 (Plus X’mas Gift Ideas)

Time to consolidate all the top beauty products reviewed on myBeautyCravings in 2021. As usual, we will only share skincare and makeup that have been given top rating of at least 4.5 stars. See if this would help you in your Christmas shopping, k? Happy discovering these top 9 beauty gems!   Top Beauty Products 2021 I’ve been quite busy

Beauty Holy Grail 2020

Top 8 Beauty Skincare & Makeup (Holy Grail 2020)

Hey all, it’s time of the year to reveal the Top Beauty Products reviewed in 2020. To recap, only those that are highly-rated (at least 4.5 stars) are featured here. Yup, I’m only showing you the good stuff in this post. Hope this will help you in your Christmas and year-end shopping! Happy browsing!   Top 8 Beauty Products 2020 This

Things to buy in Phuket

Things to buy in Phuket? And what to Avoid?

What are the things to buy in Phuket? Let me share my hits and misses after spending 6 relaxing days in Phuket. This list will cover both the things I bought as well as food I’ve tried, and the following questions will be addressed. ‘What are the things to buy in Phuket?  ‘What NOT to buy in Phuket?’ Hope this

Best Beauty Products 2019

16 Best Beauty Products & Services 2019 (Plus Christmas Gift Ideas)

Hi all, ready to see the 16 Best Beauty Products & Services reviewed in the whole of 2019? These top reviews have received a rating of at least 4.5 out of a 5-star rating. I think these make for great Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Check them out!     Best Beauty Products of 2019 The Best Beauty Products

Fitbit Cyber monday deals

Did you snag a great deal this festive season? Check out what I bought!

Hey Peeps,  How have you been? I’ve been really busy lately, working on something extremely important. I was shopping diligently everyday and “working overtime” a few days before Black Friday all the way till Cyber Monday (and Tuesday in Singapore GMT: +8). :) In fact, I was up till 5am on Cyber Monday trying to finalize my USA orders :)

Things to Buy Taiwan

What to Buy in Taiwan? And Food to try in Taipei, Hualien, Yilan & Luodong

Are you heading to Taiwan soon? Great if you are as I’ll be sharing with you what you can buy from Taiwan, specifically from Taipei and Eastern Taiwan. This Part 2 of my Taiwan Must-buy series is a collection of the things I’ve bought during my third visit to Taiwan where I explored Taipei and Eastern Taiwan such as Luodong,

Things to Buy in Taiwan

Things to buy in Taiwan? And what to avoid? (Part 1)

What are the things to buy in Taiwan? Hey guys, if you are visiting Taiwan soon, take a look at this Taiwan must-buy list which I’ve gathered after a solo trip to Taiwan.  In this list, you’ll not only get to see the things to buy in Taiwan, I’ll also share which great Taiwanese food to try. As a bonus,

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