This Taiwan 4G Pocket WiFi gives fast signal even on a mountain top

Hi all, travelling to Taiwan soon? I highly-recommend this Taiwan 4G WiFi which I was so impressed with when I used it during my 9-day Central Taiwan trip.

I’ve even tested it at the summit of Hehuanshan East Peak – which is over 3,000 metre above ground – and there wasn’t a single lag. Can you believe it?

Updated (Apr 2023): This post was first published in Jan 2019 and last updated to include latest available information.

Hehuanshan East Peak
Tested this 4G WiFi pocket device here, at the summit of Hehuanshan East Peak

Now, I guess you know why I was completely wowed over by this 4G Pocket WiFi device. FYI, I was relying on it when creating the first draft of this post at Cingjing, Taiwan. It came in so handy because the B&B’s internet connectivity was too slow and unstable. I was so glad I had this internet device as a backup. 


More about this Taiwan 4G Pocket WiFi

What I’d ordered online was a 4G Portable Pocket Device that was to be picked up from Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. Instead of a SIM card, a pocket WiFi device like this can provide internet connectivity to as many as five devices without draining your phone’s battery.

Just turn on the WiFi of your mobile devices (or laptops), scan through the list of available networks and connect to the right one (each pocket device has an unique identifier number). Next, enter the password and viola, you get fast-speed internet access everywhere you go in Taiwan.

Now, let me explain why this 4G Portable Pocket Device is so good. Of course, I’ll also share the cons later to balance out the review. Here we go! 

Taiwan 4G Pocket WiFi
Taiwan 4G Pocket WiFi kit


What’s Good about Taiwan 4G Pocket WIFI?

1. Easy and Fast to Collect from Taiwan Airport

No wonder the online reviews were great (at 4.7 out of 5 as at time of writing).

When I arrived at Taoyuan Airport (T1) and exited the immigration area, the Collection Counter was located on the same level and not very far away. Turn right and walk to the end of the small arrival hall and you’ll see a “Unite Traveler” counter.

Taiwan 4G Pocket WiFi
Turn right after exiting immigration – look out for Unite Traveler counter in the corner (left of photo)

I was the second person in the queue and probably waited just one minute. When the staff attended to me, she gave me a quick explanation, asked me to fill up my credit card number on a small form and endorse the copy. And that was it. I got hold of the Taiwan 4G pocket device within two minutes. For info, that was at 10am in the morning of New Year’s eve.

To be honest, I was a little slow in understanding some of the Chinese terms used by the staff during the explanation. Luckily, the staff could translate the terms to English, such as “Network Name”. :)

TIP: Do note the operating time of pickup service. It’s indicated in the product listing under “Pickup & Return Information.” As at time of writing, the operating hours are from 4.30am to 11pm (Taoyuan Airport). 

Taiwan 4G Pocket WiFi
The short queue moves very fast

2. Taiwan Pocket WiFi is Affordable

The Taiwan 4G Pocket Device had cost just S$2+ per day. For my 9-day Taiwan trip, I paid about S$20 and was sharing the device with my partner and a laptop (three devices). Although I didn’t maximize the usage (since it can be shared across five devices), it was already very value for money.

If you are travelling in groups of five, you would literally be paying next to nothing for an excellent 4G service in Taiwan.

UPDATE: Price in 2023 has gone up to about $4.85 per day (due to worldwide inflation?). So a 7-day trip via a Pocket Wifi will cost about $34 (shareable across 5 devices). Another alternative is this 4G SIM card which will cost about $20 for the same duration. Do note it’s only for 1 device, i.e. your smart phone. So see which one suits your needs better. 

3. Unlimited Data Usage

See how I was posting Instagram video and photos live all the time during the Central Taiwan Trip, even when we were driving up the mountain? That’s because this 4G WiFi offered unlimited data.

Isn’t this a great deal or what? I could upload heavy-data videos and high-resolution images without any fear of bursting the quota.

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This is what I'm seeing right now from my B&B Balcony in Cingjing. It's a lovely unit, but it's not the room I've booked. First time booking through @trip and got a lower tier room, 100% different from what were shown in the listing photos. It's on 1st floor, smaller, no sofa and comes with just a partitioned balcony. . Live chat with took 1.5 hours and was vastly different from my service recovery experience from @airbnb. I will share a detailed and honest review when I'm back from my vacation. This was my first and likely last time using . Like to close off on a positive note. The view from this lodging is really awesome. I'll share my Taiwan-Taichung itinerary when I'm back from my trip. Have a great day, everyone! . . . #Taiwan #Cingjing #hotel #accommodation

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4. Fast Speed Internet Connectivity

This Taiwan 4G Pocket WiFi offered fast-speed connection. As I’ve shared earlier, it’s faster than the WiFi offered by some accommodations in Taiwan. In fact, I didn’t even bother connecting to the free WiFi offered by two of the hotels that I’d stayed in. 

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5. Remain Connected even in Remote Region

I was so dedicated to my review/blogging work that I intentionally tested this 4G WiFi Device after climbing to the top of Hehuanshan East Peak.

“Hey, we have internet connectivity here, can you believe it?,” I’d exclaimed excitedly to my partner.

For info, this peak that we are talking about is the second highest in Hehuanshan and sits on an altitude of 3,421 metres. For comparison, Taipei 101 is just 509 metres tall. I really didn’t expect to get such smooth internet connection in a region as remote and high as this.

So super impressed!

Hehuanshan East Peak
Surfing net in remote mountainous region? No problem!

6. Easy Return of Taiwan 4G Pocket Device

If collecting this 4G WIFI Device is considered quick and easy, returning it is even more hassle-free. You can either return it at the same counter or drop it into a box located just beside the counter.

On the day of departure, I chose to return it at the counter because I prefer a face-to-face interaction (and verification). The process took me a grand total of one minute.

TIP: Please set calendar notification on day of departure so that you can be reminded to return the device before entering the transit area. Otherwise, you may face unwanted penalty.


What’s not Great about Taiwan 4G Pocket WiFI? 

1. Only 4 Hours of Battery Life

Unlike a SIM card, this 4G pocket device runs on charged battery just like a handphone. You have to remember to charge it every night.

I’d also read that the device could only last 4 hours. So you may want to bring along a power bank. As I’d rented a car throughout the entire Taiwan trip, I was able to charge it on the road and didn’t face any power issue.

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2. Expect to Pay an Extra Day than Expected

If I travel from 1 January to 9 January, I would expect to pay for only 8 days of service. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the duration is calculated. Days are inclusive meaning that the first and last days are counted.

In the example given, we would be charged for 9 days of usage.

TIP: Remember to book the right number of days (likely +1 day) to avoid any disruption in internet service. The online booking system has a step towards the end to help you verify.



Well, you can tell from my tone that I’m highly recommending this Taiwan 4G WiFi Pocket Device, especially if you are travelling in a pair or group. This device is easy to collect and return, and offers excellent connectivity and value.

If you are travelling solo, then compare the pocket device with this SIM card option to see which offers better value depending on your needs.

That’s all for today’s review. I have more honest travel and beauty reviews coming up, including a review of car rental service in Taiwan. Connect with me if you like to get notified of my latest and 100% honest reviews – just click the button below! See you.



(This post was first published in Jan 2019 and last updated to include latest available information.)

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you. Read mfull disclosure for more info.

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