7 Top Lifestyle Products that I highly recommend (to men and women!)

Doing your last minute Christmas shopping? Here are 7 Top Lifestyle Products I love and highly recommend to all – both men and women alike!

See if this list can give you some ideas on what to get for your friends and loved ones.

Top Lifestyle Products (Unisex Gift Guide)

1. Foldable Laptop Table

I’m so in love with this versatile laptop table and have been using it every night just before I sleep – I normally place it on my bed. With its adjustable angle and height, I find this laptop table so useful as I can place my tablet in a slanted angle, and view the screen at ease via portrait or landscape mode. 

Foldable Laptop Table 1

This can also be placed on the floor, serving as a low table. You can sit on a floor cushion and cross your legs comfortably when using it as a casual study/working table. Definitely worth every penny considering how frequently I use the table.

Highly-recommended, folks! Check out latest price here.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

It took me a long time to commit to the purchase of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 because I didn’t have a strong need for a tablet. Having always been a laptop and desktop kind-of-user, I was wondering if this would become a white elephant, especially since I can depend on my Samsung Note for quick info-search.

After months of consideration, I finally bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and am happy to report that it was well-used every day. I either bought it out to complement my official laptop (as the latter can’t do zoom call due to company’s security policy), or use it to play games or do some simple surfing.

It’s a great buy and definitely useful especially now that my eyesight is “maturing” quickly. A big screen certainly helps. LOL! Check out its latest price here.

3. Ugreen USB Switch Selector (2 PCs sharing 4 Devices)

What is a switch selector or a KVM? Now, if you have some common USB devices (e.g. mouse, laptop, storage devices) that you like to share between two PCs, Ugreen USB Switch Selector will do the trick.

Since I have a good wired keyboard and a fantastic and programmable Logitech mouse, I want to use these devices when I switch between my official laptop or desktop. A simple press of a button on this switch selector allows me to switch up to 4 USB devices between my two computers. 

Top Lifestyle Products

4. Anker 10000 PD Power Bank USB-C

What’s the 4th recommendation in this list of Top Lifestyle Products? Yes, this lightweight, portable and high quality power bank from Anker is another daily essential of mine.

Given that I’m still waiting for the next Samsung Note to come out (which is taking forever), my old phone can barely last a few hours before the battery runs out. Anker 10000 PD Power Bank is a must-have in my bag. I’m glad it is able to give me multiple charges, such that I only need to re-juice it every other week or so. 

Anker 10000 Power Bank

5. Xiaomi Mi Body Fat Smart Scale 2

Not only is Xiaomi Smart Scale accurate in measuring weight (up to 0.1 kg), it is also able to track body compositions such as body fats, muscle, water and bone mass.

Connecting it to a mobile app (Mi Fit) can also let you track your body stats over time. If you are looking for a digital scale, this is worth every penny as it is really affordable! Check out its latest price here below. 

6. Laptop Sleeve Bag

This laptop sleeve bag provides enough cushion to protect my HP laptop from accidental knocks. I also appreciate it being lightweight despite the thickness of the cushion. 

Furthermore, the zip is smooth to operate and the exterior pocket a good addition to hold peripherals such as earphones or wires. Check out the various colours here.

Laptop Sleeve Bag

7. Uma Hana Waterproof Tissue Coin Pouch

With Singapore (or the world) moving towards e-payment, I no longer have to carry a bulky wallet. Instead, I depend on my small and lightweight Uma Hana pouch to hold all my cash, and credit card. What drew me to this waterproof and stain-free pouch is its’ dual function as a tissue holder. 

I just might get another one soon! :) You can find this in Shopee. Don’t forget to get a promo code to deduct $10 off your first purchase

Top Lifestyle Products


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And that’s all I have for you. Hope this post would give you some ideas on the types of gift you can get for your friends and loved ones. Take care and have a joyoues festive season! Don’t forget to subscribe to us for more honest reviews.

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