Day 3 – VI Precision Peel | Major peeling begins

This is an account of Day 3 of VI Precision Peel. Catch Day 1 story if you’ve missed it.  

Morning of Day 3 (VI Precision Peel)

I woke up with slightly sore lips, even though that area was spared from VI Precision peel.

Day 3 - Morning (VI Precision Peel)
Day 3 – Morning (VI Precision Peel)
Day 3 - Morning (VI Precision Peel)
Day 3 – Morning (VI Precision Peel)

In case you did not know, VI peel can seep or leak to areas where the acid was not applied. For instance, if you apply the acid up to your jaw line, you may find half of your neck peeling too. Similarly, if you apply the acid all the way to your neck, you may find it seeping to your décolletage.

Other than the sore lips, I looked pretty normal. No major peeling yet, just slight flaking around nose and mouth.

My face also looked like it had a shiny layer over it. Yes, that’s the skin that’s going to peel very soon.


Evening of Day 3 (VI Precision Peel)

The evening of Day 3 was when things took a major shift. I started peeling all over….everywhere!  Now, I am officially grounded, at least for the next couple of days.

Day 3 - Evening (VI Precision Peel)
Day 3 – Evening (VI Precision Peel)


TIPS:  Do I wash my face as per normal?

As water softens the skin, even gentle cleansing may cause the skin to roll away, earlier than it should. In fact, some may be tempted to speed up the peeling process by doing ‘gentle’ washing, using the typical circular motion.

For me, I washed my face not just gently, but extremely gently. I did not want my skin to roll away prematurely, as I know that would mean extreme stinging once the post-peel protectant goes on later.

Furthermore, even if you want to face the public sooner, let me share with you that premature peeling may kickstart a second or third peeling process – and that lengthens the healing time. So, do yourself a favour. Let your skin recover based on its own timeline. Don’t force it. Don’t help it.

My cleansing motion was more like tapping than circular. The pressure I applied was kept to the minimum. The same thing goes with wiping my face dry. I just placed the towel over my face and let it soak up the water. No wiping in circular motion.  Then same goes with applying the post-peel protectant. I just pat the moisturizer onto my face.

Which type of cleanser should I use?  Use Cetaphil – it’s good and cheap!

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Cetaphil Cleanser with VI Precision Peel
Cetaphil Cleanser (Image Credit:

That’s all folks. Stay tuned to my next post on Day 4 of VI Precision Peel. If you like to get notified of my new posts, you can click the button below to subscribe, or connect with me through facebook or instagram. See you there.



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