Top 30 Skincare and Makeup to Get from Japan (Updated in 2019)

Love Japan Beauty Products as much as I do? I’ve spent the past few days updating the Japan Must-Buy List and I’m so glad to share that we now have 30 Freaking Awesome Japan Skincare and Makeup in this 2019 list.

There are more to be added as I continue to test the new batch of products that I’ve hauled back from Okinawa. Even after 6 months, I’ve yet to try all of them because I simply bought too many. :) Anyway, those that I’ve tried and which are good have been added to this list.

Japan Must Buy 2019 (Horizontal S)

Now, just to recap, all these 30 products have been personally tested and reviewed by me. Also, you’ll only see the good stuff – those rated 4 stars and above.


Free PDF: Top 30 Skincare and Makeup from Japan

To make it easy for you, I’ve categorized these top Japan-made products into Skincare and Makeup. And these items will appear in the exact sequence of how I would use them in my beauty routine.

I’ve made this into a PDF ebook so that you can download and access the Top 30 Japan Beauty Must-Buy List, with or without data connection when travelling in Japan.

Japan Must-buy 2019 (S)

So, are you ready to view this list of Top 30 Japan Beauty Products (2019)?

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