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This post is about you and what you like to read on myBeautyCravings. I hope you can spare 2 minutes in a super-short survey to let me know your preference. This will help me better-design my content to suit your needs. Help me out, won’t ya? Only 5 “tick tick” questions (survey link here).

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I started myBeautyCravings four years ago thinking that it would be just about sharing honest beauty reviews (yah, just look at the name of this website. LOL!). As it develops, I also started sharing my other passions, such as travelogues and possibly more money tips in future. At this moment, this blog is about 50:50 on Beauty and Travel.

In recent months, I have started wondering if I should create another website specifically for travel or other passionate topics of mine. The reason being that I was concerned whether sharing multiple topics on myBeautyCravings would create a burden to readers who are here for just a single topic.

Creating a separate website for each topic can help me feel less guilty when publishing too frequently on a certain topic. But I’m not confident I can keep up with having a different set of social media accounts for each website. So there are pros and cons to having a multi-topic blog vs creating niche websites.

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Instead of me debating with myself over the change (I’ve been doing so for months), I’ll like to hear directly from you, my readers, on what you like to see on myBeautyCravings! Would you help me determine the future path of myBeautyCravings? Participation is anonymous and there’re only 5 “tick tick” questions. Thanks, ya! 


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