Free Okinawa Itinerary Pocket Guide (Revamped Copy)

Hi Guys, I believe many have already downloaded the Okinawa Itinerary Pocket Guide. It was launched a few months ago and seems quite popular eh. Is it because you guys are all heading over to the beautiful south island of Japan?


Free Printable Okinawa Itinerary (Revamped Copy)

Good news for everyone! I’ve just completed a major revamp of the Okinawa Itinerary Pocket Guide – it’s now a 3-page copy instead of two. 

In the printable PDF copy, you’ll get extra tips and information including operating hours, entrance fees, discount links and more. I’ve also added food recommendations (only showing the very good ones). Of course, the very useful one-click link to map locations and resource pages are still there for your convenience.

Just download and print out the Okinawa Pocket Itinerary, fold it into a quarter page and put it in your pocket. Or save it to your phone to quickly access destination info and map locations. Ta da! A reference on the road. Am I nice or what? :-)

Okinawa Free Itinerary (Horizontal)


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