Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic | Part 2 – Pimples Cleared in 7 Days

This is part 2 of the review on Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic. In this post, I will share with you day-by-day recovery process and photos of Laser Facial treatment received at Gangnam Laser Clinic. If you have missed Part 1 – The Treatment, check out the post to see how the laser beaming was done and whether it was painful.

Once you have done so, you can move on to this recovery article. I will also share my final recommendation at the end of the post.


Recovery and Results: Laser Facial at Gangnam Laser Clinic

Day 1 (After Laser Facial)

After removing my makeup, here’s how my face look like. 

Before-After (Day 1)
Before-After (Day 1)

My face was red. And toner application stung.

Notice the horizontal demarcation across my upper cheeks? If your friends or colleagues asked you about it, just tell them you’d used a bad blusher that didn’t blend well.

Therefore, zero downtime, yah? 

Day 2

The red contrast was still visible in the day.

By night time, the lines were less obvious and the face felt rough, dry and flaky.

Before the treatment, I was having a lot of pimples (sigh…job hazard. Was trying new products). After the treatment, the active pimples had all dried up, and one of them actually dropped off.

Before-After (Day 2) - Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic
Before-After (Day 2) – Chin Pimples

Notice the pimple on the chin was darker in shade, and almost ready to drop off? That’s just a day after the treatment. 

Before-After (Day 2) - Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic
Before-After (Day 2)

The multiple blemishes on my cheeks were also under control. They had ‘ripen’, and were less painful after the treatment.

I also felt some intense itching on two small spots, around my temples (itch level: 7/10). As such, I couldn’t sleep well despite having applied a repair cream that was given by the clinic.

Day 3

There was no more redness. Instead, I felt scabs all over my face. Don’t worry as the scabs were not visible.

My face felt rough. This is the same recovering experience as my Glycolic 40% at-home acid treatment.

Day 4 – 5

My face was still rough and the scabs were starting to flake off. I also felt whiteheads that could be due to the dried-up sebum/pimples.

Day 6 – 7

By Day 6, all flaking had stopped.

By Day 7, my skin returned to its normal PH. That was when I looked my best.

Before-After (Day 7)
Before-After (Day 7)

See that the active pimples were gone? In fact, the before photo was taken with makeup on. It’d looked worse without foundation. The after photo was taken with no makeup on. 

Before-After (Day 7) - Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic
Before-After (Day 7)

My skin felt more plumped-up, and the pores also looked slightly smaller due to the collagen boost. However, based on my experience with CO2 Fractional Laser and chemical peels, I know that these improvements are not going to be permanent. You need ongoing treatments to maintain the result.

By the way, one treatment didn’t do anything for my pigmentation. 

I also started getting new pimples on my right cheek. It could be the new pimple cycle, or due to the dried sebum/whiteheads that were now clogged in my pores.

New pimples on right cheek (Laser Facial)
New pimples on right cheek

Thanks to my previous discovery, I whipped out my Cure Natural Aqua Gel and my skin cleared up the day after.


Great Deal! This is Real Laser

Now, I was shouting in my last post that this was an amazing deal – $48 (first trial) for real laser. Isn’t real laser a given? Here are two reasons why I’d doubted that it would be real laser.

Story #1

About a year ago, I was enticed to visit a clinic/beauty salon because their first trial of laser treatment was cheap, at the same price range as Gangnam Laser Clinic’s. Only upon entering the treatment room did I realize that a beautician, not a doctor, would be performing the laser treatment.

If I’m not wrong, a beautician could only handle low-level non-ablative laser treatment. Anything of a higher strength has to be done by a certified doctor.

As you can probably guess by now, that treatment didn’t do anything at all. No redness. No collagen boost. Nothing! It was money going down the drain.

Story #2

I was skeptical when told that Laser Facial was an ablative treatment with no downtime. I was wondering if he’d meant non-ablative laser instead. Can an ablative laser come with no downtime?

I also tend to associate a zero-downtime treatment with one that produces mild result. Of course, there are non-ablative lasers out there (e.g. Laser Genesis) that give subtle but visible results. However, those would never fall under this price range.

But this is different. Looking at the redness of the skin on Day 1, I think this laser facial might be CO2 fractional laser (or something similar) set at a low strength (so as to reduce the downtime and redness).

If you didn’t know, a normal CO2 Fractional Laser costs about $400 – $700 and has a downtime of 5-7 days.  This reduced-strength version costs $48 (or $60-85 for subsequent sessions depending on the package signed) and makes it more affordable for all. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having to take leave from work.


Final Recommendation

I’ll say go for this treatment if you are looking to:

  • Control your pimples or acne breakout
  • Exfoliate your skin so that you look more radiant
  • Enjoy a little collagen boost

Laser Facial vs CO2 Fractional Laser

The “normal-strength” CO2 Fractional Laser comes with longer downtime. Anything that comes with a longer downtime is likely to produce more visible results. Of course, this is assuming we are talking about one treatment of each.  

With Laser Facial’s price point being so low, I believe people can afford to do it more often.  

Laser Facial vs Beauty Spa Facial

This laser facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic is a medical facial, lasting less than 10 minutes.  You come, you go. This is different from the super-indulging 1.5 hours facial session at a beauty spa, that comes with massage, eyebrow-plucking, soothing music and all.

If you asked me which is more effective, I would say medical facial. If you asked me which is more therapeutic, it’s definitely the beauty spa facial. I normally fall asleep during mask-time, but did not manage to sleep in Gangnam Laser Clinic because it was so bright and the music was not exactly the soothing type (remember, they played Korean Music).  


The Price (Laser Facial by Gangnam Laser Clinic)

  • First trial costs $48
  • Ala-carte costs $148
  • Package* of 20 sessions + 2 boxes of hydro-calming masks – $1,688 nett
  • Package* of 40 sessions + 4 boxes of hydro-calming masks – $2,388 nett

*Packages can be shared between a friend or family member

I’m not sure how long the prices above would last. For more information, please contact them directly at:

Gangnam Laser Clinic

1 Raffles Place #03-04 One Raffles Place Singapore 048616

Tel: 6536 8393

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