MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum (10%) | Smelly serum that works wonder!

Want clear and glowy skin, but afraid of applying harsh and high-strength chemical peels? There’s a solution – MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum (10%). Yes, it’s still acid, but this is at 10% strength as compared with 30% to 70% for professional peels.

Furthermore, Mandelic acid is a more gentle acid as compared to Lactic and Glycolic acids. With its larger molecules, Mandelic acid which is made of bitter almonds takes longer to penetrate into the skin, and hence is less irritating to the skin.

 Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)
Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)

Yes! I had Pimples after Using This!

To be honest with you, I bought it about a year ago and gave up using it after a week. I was wondering why there were so many positive reviews online when this serum broke me out quite badly. I’d more than 10 tiny bumps emerging even at places where I don’t normally get pimples (e.g. forehead, neck).

With the unexpected breakout, I didn’t dare touch this serum for a long time.

Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)
Pimple on the neck


A Second Attempt a Year Later

A year later, I decided to give MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum (10%) another go before writing it off totally. Thank goodness I did that, for I wouldn’t have been able to reap its benefits. And my $$$ would have gone to waste.

Yes, it still broke me out. During the first application, I had more than 10 tiny bumps emerging after a few hours. Fortunately, these pimples were micro-sized (about the size of a pore) and the sebum within could be scrapped off easily. No need to squeeze and it won’t develop obvious scars thereafter – just pink marks. This could be the purging phase?

The second time I applied it (2 days later), there were less than 5 pimples.

By the fourth application, there were no pimples on my face (although the stubborn pimple on my neck refused to go away for weeks). With the dwindling number of pimples after every successive use, I was confident to continue the usage. Especially so after seeing positive outcomes after just a few applications.

What were the outcomes?


Amazing Results within Two Weeks

Luminous complexion that glow! Fairer! Shrunken pores!

My pores looked so clean. Perhaps, that explains why the pimples were disappearing. My skin appeared “tighter” – more lifted. And my pores were significantly reduced.

Though the effect was less pronounced as 40% glycolic acid peel, I was surprised to see a 10% acid giving such noticeable difference over a short period.

 Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)
Left Profile – shrunken pores
 Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)
Right Profile – shrunken pores

Price of MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)

MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum is priced at US$29.95 on its official website. It is also available on Amazon – view latest price


How to Use?  

Apply this serum after toner. I use about 3 drops for the face and neck.

The advice given by MUAC was to apply it at night on alternate days. Once the skin has stabilized (i.e. no dry spot or flaking), you can apply it daily. I was able to start using MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum (10%) daily after the third application. By then, my face didn’t experience noticeable dryness or flaking.

 Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)
How to Apply?

What to Expect?

MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum (10%) is a viscous liquid that feels almost oily. It has an overpowering bitter smell. I had to hold my breath while using it. The good thing was that the smell became less intense a year later.

 Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)
Dense and slippery liquid

Once you apply the serum, it absorbs very quickly leaving behind a non-greasy finish.

 Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)
Thick liquid, but evaporate within seconds

I experienced tingling sensation only on one tiny spot near my temple, and another near my nose bridge.  I used the word “tingling” instead of stinging because the pain level (if any) was low. There was no obvious redness from this application, except for some sensitive spots. Pain level: 0.5 / 10.

By Day 3, white heads began to form. My face was also dry, with slight flaking on my nose. 

After a week, my palm (the dime-size area where I place the serum) started to peel too.

Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)
Palm peeled too

Should I choose Glycolic Acid 40% or Mandelic Acid Serum (10%)?

If you need to choose only one, you can base your decision on the following differences:

Mandelic Acid Serum (10%) Glycolic Acid Peel (40%) 
1) Easy to apply, use daily or on alternate days 1) Need to follow proper instruction. Use weekly or fortnightly 
2) Almost painless, minimal redness 2) Slight stinging sensation with some redness
3) Low risk of complications 3) Slightly higher risk
4) Zero to minimal flaking 4) Minimum flaking 
5) May breakout during first few applications 5) May breakout after Day 6. Using products like Cure Gel on Day 6 may avoid such breakout
6) Doesn’t kill active pimples instantly 6) Kills active pimples upon application
7) Firming of skin and reduced pore size 7) Firming of skin and reduced pore size

For me, the decision is easy. I use both — MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum (10%) on a daily basis, and Glycolic Acid (40%) fortnightly. If you don’t already know, Glycolic Acid is my holy grail peel right now. Rating: 4/5



I recommend MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum (10%) to those who have:

  • Dull skin
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Mild sagging of the skin (start with this before moving on to higher-strength peels)

View latest price on: Amazon 

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4 thoughts on “MUAC Mandelic Acid Serum (10%) | Smelly serum that works wonder!”

  1. To say use nightly, but leaving out the most critical part of instructions, such as how long to leave on skin after applying it is silly…

    1. As this is a serum and not an at-home peel, one can leave it for as long as one likes. Just like toner, moisturizer or cream, serum is meant to be left on till the next wash. As a common practice, I do not indicate application duration for such products.

  2. Perla M. Ramirez

    Thanks! Great review. I’m currently trying the Mandelic Acid Peel and Serum! I hope to have great results!

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