Opal One Minute Hair Treatment rescued me from damaged and entangled hair

Are you struggling with dry and damaged hair? If you are, Opal One Minute Hair Treatment could work wonders for you just like how it did for me. Read on to find out how this timely gift from my sister-in-law rescued me from a recent bad hair job.

Opal One Minute Hair Treatment
Opal One Minute Hair Treatment


Hair Ruined after a Chemical Job

Have you ever had the same experience as me? That it took so long to find a good service provider such as a hair salon or a spa. But once you become their loyal customers, the skills that had drawn you over would gradually lose their magic.

I’d stayed with the same hair salon for more than 2 years and was initially wowed by their amazing rebonding and hair-cutting prowess. Sadly, they were less able to reproduce the same quality work with every subsequent visit. Due to inertia, I continued to stay on until my hair was damaged recently after a chemical job.

During rebonding, I did voice my concern over a soft sizzling sound I heard when they ran a hot iron plate down my hair. I asked them if my hair was 100% dry. Because if it’s not, that iron plate would be frying my hair. The stylists assured me and continued.

Kimage Tampines
Stayed with this salon for 2 years

Perhaps, my instinct was correct. After I went home, my rebonded hair felt like dried hay and I had difficulty even running my fingers through it. Rebonding was supposed to make my thick hair appear finer and shinier. Instead, my hair felt thick and rough and I believed that had to do with the condition of my hair and the haircut.  That’s sad especially after having paid more than $300 for the hair job.

The good thing about going to a reputable hair salon is their initiative in offering service recovery. I enjoyed a complimentary hair treatment that made my hair smooth and soft. Alas, that only lasted for about a week or two and the hair then revert to its lifeless state.


Opal One Minute Hair Treatment to the Rescue

Of course, the first few things I did after the unfortunate saga was to switch to silicone-free shampoo as per the stylist’s advice. I also started using the richest conditioner I could get my hands on (coconut conditioner). But that didn’t give me the quick result I was after (Not asking for much. I just wanted to be able to run my fingers through my hair).

Coincidentally, my sis who just came back from China gifted me more than 20 sachets of Opal One Minute Hair Treatment.  I’d never seen this brand before and was a little skeptical especially when it was from a country that’s not exactly well-known for producing authentic products.

Opal One Minute Hair Treatment
Generous gift from my sis

To my surprise, Opal One Minute Hair Treatment turned out to be a mega hair saver. Read on to find out the goods and bads of Opal One Minute Hair Treatment.


What’s Great about Opal One Minute Hair Treatment?

1. Smooth like Butter

OMG! Instant result in one minute. My hair was smooth and soft. And finally, I could run my fingers through my hair. Something so basic yet I wasn’t able to achieve during the last few weeks. Can you imagine how torturous that was? In fact, such simple action had caused my hair to drop prior to using the hair treatment. 

Opal One Minute Hair Treatment
Oh so smooth! 

2. Lustrous Hair

There’s an added shine to the hair. Very subtle such that my hair looked healthier. I really love how Opal One Minute Hair Treatment adds shine without the greasiness. Yes, zero grease! Affirmed by me. ;)

By the way, the “After Photo” was taken after I slept with semi-damp hair. If I’d blown dry my hair, the effect would have been even sleeker. 

Opal One Minute Hair Treatment
Soft and shine without any grease

3. Convenient to Apply

You probably know I’m not a lover of hair oil. Some oil would leave hair looking streakily oily while others require you to apply on damp hair before blow-drying it. That’s just too much work for me.

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That’s why I love how convenient Opal One Minute Hair Treatment is.  Use it like you would use a conditioner. Just make sure you leave it on for one minute, which in my opinion is no biggie because that short duration is just nice for me to wash my face.

The instruction says you can use Opal Hair Treatment twice a week. I do not recommend using this more than two days in a row. When I did, I felt like there was a heavy waxy built-up on my hair that caused friction rather than making it smooth. Yeah, so don’t overuse it. =) 

4. Moisturizing

I’m glad to read that Opal One Minute Hair Treatment contains ingredients that can moisturize our hair. It contains NaPCA (moisturizing agent), aloe extracts, vitamin B5 and Keratin Protein. 

Opal One Minute Hair Treatment
This thing works like magic!

5. Nice and Lasting Aroma

There’s a soft lingering scent that would last at least a day (or probably longer but I won’t know as I wash my hair daily).

6. Best-selling

Apparently, Opal One Minute Hair Treatment has been the best selling hair treatment in Hong Kong for consecutive years. The Hongkongers can’t be that wrong right? 


More about Opal One Minute Hair Treatment

Opal One Minute Hair Treatment comes in three versions to cater to different hair types and condition. The one I’m using is Opal Red, meant for intense repair.

Opal One Minute Hair Treatment
Opal One Minute Hair Treatment (image: opaltw.com)

In case you wonder why my sis bought this treatment in sachets than tube form? Well, she told me it’s cheaper that way. Each sachet contains 15ml, and lasted me four applications.

One last bit of information – the one I’m using originates from Guangdong, China. I read online that you can also get it in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Otherwise, just order it online which I would most likely have to do after finishing the gifts. =)

Opal One Minute Hair Treatment
Red version for Intense Repair



Most of my readers know I would normally include a section to talk about the cons of a reviewed product. I can’t find any for Opal One Minute Hair Treatment except that it’s not available in my country.  With the ease of e-commerce, that shouldn’t cause too much of a problem, I hope.

So my recommendation – get it if you happen to be in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. If your hair is badly damaged due to chemical work and you can’t wait, order a few samples online to try. I’m pretty sure you will love it as much as I do. Rating: 5/5

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