Review of Nails Room Manicure | Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru (JB)

How about a gel manicure for half the price? What’s the catch?

Well, you’ll have to cross the causeway. 

Let me share with you about my recent visit to Nails Room, a nail parlor at Sutera Mall. Sutera Mall is a family-oriented mall located in Johor Bahru (JB). Instead of big brand names, its stores are mostly local brands, many of which you would not have heard of. If you like to get some cheap groceries, visit the anchor tenant, Aeon Supermarket.

Now, are you ready for my review of Nails Room @ Sutera Mall?

Nails Room at Sutera Mall
Nails Room at Sutera Mall

The gel manicure costs RM75 (SGD30 or USD24). Additional design services range from RM5 to RM10 per nail.

Gel Manicure by Nail Rooms
Gel Manicure by Nail Rooms

The above job costs a total of RM91, comprising RM75 basic gel service and RM8 per designed nails. I have two designed nails, the fourth finger on each hand.


What’s Good about Nails Room?

1. Very efficient

 During my visit, there were 6 nail technicians and 4 customers. Some customers were attended by 2 technicians simultaneously.

Good Staff to Customer Ratio
Good Staff to Customer Ratio

2. No Pain. No Bleeding

Well, this is a given. But my last experience at another mall, Aeon Bukit Indah Shopping Centre was a disaster. I was already very uncomfortable that a male technician was attending to me. Then, he over-removed my cuticle causing many fingers to bleed. When he moved on to my other hand, I told him explicitly to be more careful. Still, he managed to inflict further injury. 

Nails Room on the other hand was ultra-conservative. You’ll find out more when you read further below.

3. Good Service

The technician did not upsell or hard-sell. Even when I asked her the price of other services such as pedicure, she told me in a matter-of-fact tone about the price. When I opt not to take up the bulk offer, she did not pursue and just did her work quietly.

She was also very patient and polite when I took a really long time to choose the colour and design.

Served by patient manicurist (Nails Room, Sutera Mall)
Served by patient manicurist (Nails Room, Sutera Mall)

4. No Bubbling

The technician has a steady hand. The polish was nicely applied, without any bubbling or uneven surface.  

5. It’s Cheap

Not cheaper than other stores in JB, but it’s definitely cheaper than those offered in Singapore.


What’s Bad?

1. Nail colors and designs are limited

That’s why I had a hard time choosing. They didn’t have the midnight blue that I was looking for.

2. Should remove more cuticle

I felt that there’s still room to push up the cuticle more. Then my nail may appear longer lah. And their conservative act could have explained why the experience was painless and injury-free.

Remove more cuticle, please (Nails Room)
Remove more cuticle, please (Nails Room)

3. Started the paint too low

There’s at least 1mm to 2mm of space between the cuticle and the nail colors. This is considered quite excessive. Well, don’t make my nail appear shorter than it already is, alright?

Don't make my short nail shorter (Nails Room)
Don’t make my short nails shorter

4. Design skill is average

I had wanted to do vertical stripes design. But when I look at their samples, I decided not to as the lines were not straight.

Now, if you look at my designed nails, the 2 vertical lines on my left hand were 4mm apart, while the one on my right were 6mm apart. That’s 50% longer. Luckily, I’d opted for a complicated criss-cross design and that made it less obvious.

Needs better artistry (Nails Room)
Needs better artistry


Bottom Line

If you are looking for a basic manicure, without the design elements, this is a good place to do your one-stop shopping and beauty services (this mall has many hair salons too). Do remind them to peel back the cuticle more, and to start the paint nearer to the cuticle line. Rating: 3/5.

Do you have any good nail parlor to recommend? Share with us what you love about it.  

Post-Edit (28 Sep 2014)

The gel polish was durable. After 28 days, I experienced a slight peel-back on one of the nails. The rest still look good and glossy. 

Manicure: Nails Room at Sutera Mall
Slight peel-back after 28 days.

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4 thoughts on “Review of Nails Room Manicure | Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru (JB)”

  1. Hi there! I love doing my nails at nails room as the girls are really good and fast! Just to let you know, a good manicurist will stay away from painting too near to our cuticle/ skin as it can cause infection. A few shops that I have been to highlighted it to me! Maybe you should take note! Cheers!

    1. Thanks for reading this review. Being speedy is indeed their strong point. I feel that their skill is average as compared to other nail spa I’ve visited. But of course, this is only based on my experience with the specific manicurist. As for the comment on starting the paint low to avoid infection, I would agree with you if she had removed my cuticles well. In this case, my cuticle was unevenly removed, and mostly not removed. Hence, infection would have been rather unlikely.

  2. Very lousy service.. call up the shop before going down they say they open till 10.30pm.. went down to the shop saw 3 female staff sitting at the counter playing their phone.. stoos at the door at 9.10pm and no one wants to serve.. went in and ask are they open they say they not receiving customer anymore.. my question is why dont close the shop when you dont wish to accept any customer?? Lousy attitude and service.. staff didnt even bother to ask what my mum want to do.. all my mum wanted was only simple cutting of toe nails but seems like the staff here just cant be bothered at all.. please do not come to this lousy place

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Reminded me of the service I received from a different nail parlour. Perhaps, when boss is not around, the employees also don’t want to work that hard since they get the same pay.

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