Review of Asience Intensive Treatment Oil | Add healthy sheen without oiliness

A recent oil that I’ve tried was highly raved in the online blogosphere. But I absolutely hated it! Yes, I’ve used a very strong word because this Oshima Tsubaki Oil can transform your tresses into oily streaks of smelly hair. On the contrary, my favourite treatment oil as of now is Asience Intensive Treatment Oil

Asience Intensive Treatment Oil
Asience Intensive Treatment Oil

Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the chance to try quite a number of treatment oil or anti-frizz serums. My thick mane meant I needed such oil to either weigh down my hair, or to repair the damage caused by multiple rebonding/coloring sessions. So how did Asience Intensive Treatment Oil wow me? Read on to find out.


What’s Good about Asience Intensive Treatment Oil

1. Smooth and Manageable Hair

As expected from a good hair oil, Asience Intensive Treatment Oil tames frizz and added a healthy sheen to my hair. My hair was smooth without feeling oily.

Asience Intensive Treatment Oil
Healthy & Glossy Hair (Side Profile)

One additional benefit for hair as voluminous as mine – Asience Leave-on Treatment Oil was able to add weight to my hair to make it look less puffy, without overdoing it. This is a must-have for me right now, since I’m overdue for my next rebonding session.

2. No Oily Streaks

Unlike Oshima Tsubaki Oil, the first point of contact didn’t end up looking like oil-soaked streaks. In fact, there was once when I accidentally pumped more oil than what was needed. Somehow, the oil has a way in rebalancing its distribution during application.

What this means is that the hair took on a luscious look. Not an oil-drenched mess. 

Asience Intensive Treatment Oil
Nourished hair

For better illustration, let me dig out a photo of my previous review of Oshima Tsubaki Oil, and place it side by side for comparison.

Oshima vs Asience
Asience Intensive Treatment Oil VS Oshima Tsubaki Oil

Now you know what oily streaks mean?

3. Nourish your Hair

This is a treatment oil that contains beauty essences (Lotus Flower, Camellia Oil, Pearl and Shell Ginger Leaf) and is said to provide intensive repair and moisturizes hair from within.

Asience Intensive Treatment Oil
Asience Intensive Treatment Oil (2 pumps)

I know my dehydrated hair absorbs the essence within seconds like a thirsty camel. However, I don’t think it’s a magic potion to make your split-ends disappear. I don’t think any treatment essence can do that. The only solution is to use the scissors.  

4. Affordable

Got this more than a year ago. I recall that Asience Intensive Treatment Oil retailed for about S$13 or so. 

5. Long Shelf Life

I’ve had this for at least 1.5 year. It’s still smelling good. No rancid smell unlike Oshima Tsubaki Oil.

6. Travel-friendly

A small pump bottle of concentrated oil (28ml) makes it easy for you to carry it whenever you go. You can even carry it onboard the flight cabin.

Asience Intensive Treatment Oil
Asience Intensive Treatment Oil



For those who suffer from damage or dehydrated hair, you can count on Asience Intensive Treatment Oil to help your tresses regain its healthy sheen. Most importantly, people won’t be able to tell that you have slathered oil on your hair. Go try it! Rating: 4/5

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