Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream | Big Promises, can it deliver?

Luxuriously packaged in a golden capsule with a hygienic pump dispenser, Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream seems promising in delivering what it claims to do. For those who did not know, it has given itself a big promise to fulfill:

Firmer Skin

Dewy and Moisturized Skin

Targets dark circles

Reduce wrinkles

Is this really a miracle product that can reduce wrinkles and banish dark circles? We’ll find out in this review. Prior to that, let’s look at some other marketing promises of Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream.

“Corrective Eye Cream brings back skin’s youthful energy, revives tired looking eyes and return the eye area’s youthful definition.”

Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream
Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream

“Reveal timeless skin in just 1 day. Experience clinical-level results starting today.”

“In one week, lines are visibly smoothed away. Vivid clarify is restored around eyes. In 3 weeks, youthful eye definition is perceived. Eye contours appear lifted, wrinkles are visibly reduced and dark circles appear minimized.”


The Price

This is not cheap. Even in Japan where things are normally 40 percent cheaper, it was still considered quite expensive (5400 yen or SGD67). I pondered for a good one hour in Narita Airport before finally giving in to the great packaging and promises. 


What’s Good about Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream? 

1. Smooth Application

It has a great slip and was ultra smooth in application. No tugging or excessive pressure exerted on the delicate eye area. As such, a little goes a long way and I only need one-third of a pump per use.

2. Great Packaging

My photography skill (or lack of) did not do this justice. This reflective and sturdy golden capsule looks way more appealing in real-life…

Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream
Like my reflection? 

…like this…

Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream
Image Credit:

So that you know, I just can’t avoid having my own reflection captured in all the photos I’ve taken. Time for a quick photography class? Bear with me in the mean time, alright? 

Other than good looks, it also dispenses hygienically as compared with eye cream that comes in a pot. Its smooth pump makes it easy to control the amount you need, be it one-third or half a pump.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream
Hygienic pump dispenser

3. Right balance of Moisture

Shiseido got the hydration level just right. It provides long-lasting hydration (i.e. I could still feel the cream even after hours) without being too heavy or greasy. It absorbs fast without residue, leaving your skin subtly plump-up and supple.

Makeup goes on nicely without caking or smudging. And there’s no need to fear of milia forming. 

Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream
Before-After Application

4. Paraben-free

Simply put, this product doesn’t contain preservatives. If you buy into the belief that paraben-free product is safer for use, Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream is one option you can look at. For those who are wondering, while some research found that paraben may cause breast cancer, other findings did not establish a direct cause. So it is still very much debatable.

Better be safe than sorry?


What’s Not So Great?

1. Over-promised

No one can doubt its hydrating or anti-aging ability. But to claim that a product can reverse aging or produce clinical-level results may just set one’s expectation too high.

Nope. I did not see my wrinkles fading away. My dark circles are still very much staring back at me. 

2. Not in love with the Scent

This reminds me of cheap soap perfume. I wasn’t excited using it, which is sad since it costs so much. Definitely a great contrast to its luxurious packaging.

3. Expensive

Like many premium-priced brands, Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream is on the higher end of the price bracket. This 15ml capsule retails for S$92 in Singapore, and 5400 yen (S$60) in Japan before tax. Amazon is selling it at 40% discount off local price.



Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream is a decent eye cream that I’ll definitely finish. The promises it made left me slightly disappointed though I should have known better that over-the-counter beauty products are not allowed to penetrate the skin too much by regulation. 

If you are in search of a decent hydrating eye cream that’s paraben-free and easy-to-dispense, this is a good option provided price is not of major concern. This product can last for months since a little goes a long way.

Don’t forget to give this a thought especially if you are in Japan, as it’s considerably less expensive there. Rating: 4/5.


I couldn’t find any ingredient listing on the packaging. Here’s a simplified version found on Shisedo’s website. I’m guessing that this is not the full list for obvious reasons.

-Bio-Defining Complex (Super-Bio Yeast Extract, Rosemary Extract, and Vitamin A Acetate) 

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