VI Precision Peel | Unexpected pain & long recovery

Day 7 - VI Precison Peel
Makeup couldn’t cover the hard scabs!

A painful and long recovery to VI Precision Peel was something out of my expectation as the previous few sessions were close to being painless. To share with everyone how a similar procedure could result in an entirely different recovery, I’ve decided to document my experience here. Watch out for the unsightly photos that had me hidden behind closed doors for more than a week.

This would be a brief diary-format account of my VI Precision Peel experience, unlike the more informative and detailed review shared in a previous review. Here we go…

Day 1 of VI Precision Peel – ‘Ouch!’

Just went for my sixth VI Precision Peel after a break of 18 months. I remember it was almost painless for the past five sessions. But this 6th attempt was rather painful. I’d felt my left face burning right from the instance the peel was applied onto my face. The aesthetician told me that my left face frosted quite a bit.

After probably half a minute, the pain was gone as the numbing agent had set in. However, about 30 minutes later, I started feeling stinging pain on the left side of my face. I also felt itch and stinging under my jawline. Luckily and strangely, the right side of my face didn’t suffer the same and was almost pain-free, just like the previous sessions.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my left cheek hit a scale of 5 in terms of pain while the right was probably just 1.  The pain on the left remained intense even after an hour, and I’d started to worry. Fortunately, the pain subsided after three hours.

Face Redness after VI Precision Peel

In terms of redness, my face had looked as red as a lobster right from the start.  I remember leaving the clinic with a red face. Imagine red face and yellow neck? Yeeks.

After an hour or so, the colour faded from red to a more acceptable tan colour. But the areas that had frosted took on a light-brownish appearance (top part of left cheek – your right).

Day 1 VI Precison Peel
Day 1 – VI Precison Peel

Applied the towlette an hour before bedtime. Surprisingly, I was able to sleep quite well without any itch. Maybe I was too tired?


Day 2 of VI Precision Peel – Went Shopping!

I went out shopping while wearing makeup to hide the tanned face and “frosted” areas that had now turned an ugly brown. With the power of makeup, I didn’t attract any stares and was feeling comfortable being in the public.

Here’s a photo of me before wearing makeup.

Day 2 - VI Precison Peel
Day 2 – VI Precison Peel

Day 2 was the day to apply post-peel protectant and sunblock at least 3 to 4 times a day. I also applied the towlette an hour before bedtime. Once again, I could sleep very well.


Day 3 of VI Precision Peel – Peeling started!

As usual, my chin started peeling. I went out wearing medical mask and was very self-conscious when I’d to remove it during meal times.

Surprisingly, the neck started peeling on Day 3, which was much earlier than my previous attempts with VI Precision Peel (Day 5 previously).

Things I’ve depended on fervently during this peel period include:


Day 4 – “Extremely Ugly”

The areas around my mouth continued to peel. I hated to be seen in public and managed to get some grocery at night, wearing a medical mask. For some reason, I thought people were looking at me with an inquisitive face even though 80% of my face was covered. And by the way, my mom had said I looked extremely ugly. Thanks, mom!

Day 4 - VI Precison Peel
Day 4 – VI Precison Peel

Application of the protectant stung so intensely I thought it was more painful than when the acid was first applied on my face. Luckily, the stinging sensation didn’t last more than 10 seconds. But mind you, it was a sharp and distinct pain.

By now, I’d developed about three mini pimples. It didn’t bother me as they were really tiny and painless. The ‘pus’ could be excised easily with the mere action of scraping.


Day 5 – Itchy and “Dead Ugly”

Last night, I didn’t sleep well because my forehead was itchy. When I woke up, I realised I’d managed to scratch off a small piece of skin off my forehead. The corner of my eyes were red, dry and slightly stinging by now.

Other than that, my mouth area was mostly done with the peel. Still, I looked very unsightly with patchy looking skin and shreds of peel dangling off my face (chin, nose). Though I have been diligently cutting off the dangling pieces of dead skin, I felt dead ugly to be seen by anyone right now, including my dearest.

Day 5 - VI Precison Peel
Day 5 – VI Precison Peel

By the way, the post-peel protectant had stung really badly on new skin that was unveiled on day 3 and 4 (i.e. areas around mouth). New skin that’d peeled from day 5 onwards didn’t sting as much as those revealed earlier. Morale of story, don’t hasten the peeling process.


Day 6 – Disappointed 

After washing my face, and cutting off the dangling pieces, about 40% of my face remained unpeeled, around my cheek and forehead. They didn’t feel like they were ready to leave my face anytime soon. I’ve had to cancel my social engagement as I felt awkward to be seen in public. Hopefully, I could regain my freedom by tomorrow.

Day 6 - VI Precison Peel
Day 6 – VI Precison Peel

In previous rounds of VI peel, I was able to go out by Day 6. I was convinced by now that this peel went much deeper than my previous attempts.  The peels were in larger, thicker and darker sheets than the fluffy soft layers in the past. The unpeeled layers on my skin looked much darker in tone than my skin tone, making obvious demarcations on my face. There was also a cluster of at least five hard and dark-brown scabs over the left side of my face (more obvious in Day 7 photos below).

The variables I could think of are as follows:

  • My skin was dehydrated after coming back from a beach holiday a month ago
  • I have included AHA serum in my beauty regimen, though I had stopped using the 15% glycolic serum long before the peel
  • The peel was done by a different esthetician

Since the cluster of scabs formed only over the left side of my face and the pain was unusually high also on the left side of my face than the right, I believe this to be a man-made issue.


Day 7 – Worried about Scarring

After a wash in the morning, more areas had peeled. However, the clustered dark brown scabs on the left side of my face didn’t seen ready to come off anytime soon. In fact, they became thicker and darker, making them difficult to conceal with makeup.

Day 7 - VI Precison Peel
Day 7 – VI Precison Peel

Today was the first day I tried putting on makeup, and also the first day after so long that I was able to/had to face the public again. I still felt awkward, but could not postpone my appointments any further. My best friend whom I met that day told me honestly that the scabs were obvious even after wearing makeup.

Day 7 - VI Precison Peel
Day 7 – VI Precison Peel (After Makeup)
Day 7 - VI Precison Peel
Makeup couldn’t cover the hard scabs!

Potential Side Effects of Chemical Peel

I’d noticed a pinkish mark near my eye area on Day 6. The tiny area was slightly sunken in and that got me worried. Would it develop into a scar? Continue reading my diary to find out.

VI Precision Peel Scar
Red and sunken area – will this recover?

At 6pm, I visited the aesthetic clinic as I’ve had a botox session arranged. I also took the chance to highlight about the pink dented mark that I was worried about. The doctor examined my face and expressed concerns over the cluster of hard scabs over the left side of my face. Instead of telling me that everything was okay and sending me home like what most doctors I’d interacted with in the past did, Dr Sylvia seemed only focused on getting things right and fixed. There was no defense or blaming games involved which was great!

She squeezed me in for a complimentary Laser Genesis session despite her tight schedule on that day, so as to heal the unpeeled areas. She also invited me to come back two days later (Day 9)  for the second complimentary session of Laser Genesis. It was a nice gesture from her. Full Laser Genesis session would have caused about $500 per session.

After the laser genesis treatment, some of the scabs seemed to have lifted off partially. Although I’d gone through 5 sessions of Laser Genesis years ago, I did not know its amazing power in healing. Wow!

Dr Sylvia then instructed the staff to cut off the part of the scab that’d lifted off to prevent me from accidentally rubbing against the lifted corner and pulling the whole scab off prematurely.


Day 8 of VI Precision Peel

A few more scabs came off today, all thanks to Laser Genesis. I hope the rest would peel soon because this was already day 8. I was done with peeling by Day 6 in my previous five VI  Precision Peels. It was annoying having to stay home-bound for so darn long!

Day 8 - VI Precison Peel
Day 8 – VI Precison Peel


Day 9 – Freedom Regained!

After a wash in the morning, all the scabs came off. I’d finally regained my freedom after more than a week, cooped up at home and without any exercise.

Day 9 - VI Precison Peel
Day 9 – VI Precison Peel

I only made a mistake of popping a pimple on my cheek that was hidden underneath the peel for the past one week. That ruptured pimple bled so much I was worried it might cause scarring. See the red mark on my right cheek (your left)? 

I went down as scheduled for my botox and second complimentary Laser Genesis treatment. As all the scabs had came off, I told the clinic that I could skip the complimentary laser genesis session if they were busy. Dr Sylvia insisted in offering the treatment and said it could help with overall healing.


Results of VI Precision Peel

1. Pore Size

By Day 9, the pores appeared much smaller than before.  However, after two weeks, I felt disappointed when the large pore size seemed to have reappeared, probably after the initial swelling phase. After going through a deeper and longer peel, I was expecting better results than this.

Can we depend on naked eyes for truth? After digging out a recent photo (before VI Peel) and compared it with week 2 photos after VI Precision Peel, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was improvement.

VI Precison Peel Before After
Before After Photos (VI Precision Peel)

Pores appeared slightly tighter.  Sometimes, you just can’t depend on your naked eyes to tell you the truth. But still, I wanted more, especially after going through such long downtime!

2. Radiant and Fairer Skin

Yes…skin was fresh-looking, and felt baby-soft and smooth to the touch. The Before-After photos above is quite telling!

3. Pigmentation

Most pigmentation were still present, although they seemed to have lightened significantly. One new pigmentation mark (had it for only a month plus) on my cheek came off. Yay!

VI Precison Peel
Day 2 vs Day 9: One pigmentation was gone! The other one has lightened in tone.


Side Effects of Chemical Peel

The red mark and sunken area near my eye was gone by Day 9. So glad it was just a temporary scar.

If you do encounter any unusual occurrences relating to the peel, let the doctor know as early as possible as there are things the doctor can do to help you before the problem becomes a permanent issue.


Day-by-Day Recovery of VI Precision Peel

Here’s a recap to give you a quick glance of the recovery process of VI Precision Peel.

VI Precison Peel Recovery Photos
VI Precison Peel Recovery Photos

That’s all, folks! Enough of my photos. Have a great weekend!

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