Seagate Fast SSD Review – A Fast, Small & Sleek External Hard Drive You’ll Love at First Sight


Finally, I’ve found a portable storage drive that is so lightweight I wouldn’t mind carrying it everywhere I go, even for an overseas trip. Let me share with you a review on Seagate Fast SSD, an external hard drive that I fell in love with at first sight.

If you appreciate compact and efficient stuff, you would love this storage device too when you read through all its pros. To be objective, I’ll talk about the cons too before ending with a recommendation on who I think would benefit the most from Seagate Fast SSD.

Seagate Fast SSD 


What’s Special about Seagate Fast SSD?

With so many brands in the market, those looking for an external storage device would be spoilt for choice. Even within the same brand such as Seagate, we get close to 10 types of external drive to choose from. 

So which storage drive should you get? I’ll list down the striking features of Seagate Fast SSD so that you’ll know if this suits your needs. For info, the one I’m reviewing is a 500GB model. 

Seagate Fast SSD
Seagate Fast SSD (500GB) Model

1. Fast Data Transfer Speed

SSD stands for solid state drive. Those who crave for fast transfer data speed would choose an SSD over a normal hard drive.

Seagate Fast SSD, as its name suggests is a SSD drive and can transfer data up to 5 times faster than a normal drive with read/write speeds of up to 540/500MB/s.

As at time of writing, Seagate Fast SSD has the fastest transfer speed as compared to other storage devices under the brand. 

2. Ultra-Lightweight & Small

Speed was not what made me fall in love with Seagate Fast SSD. As a petite lady who already has a lot to carry (e.g. laptop, mouse), I deliberately avoid additional heavy stuff. For instance, I always opted for fabric instead of leather bags. I even chose a low capacity power bank than what I would love to have.

When I received Seagate Fast SSD, I was super happy because I knew I could bring it with me anywhere I go without feeling a thing.

Seagate Fast SSD
Seagate Fast SSD placed against my small face

At just 80g, this portable drive is less than half the weight of my phone and as thin as a cookie. To be specific, this drive measures 9.4cm x 7.9cm x 0.9cm. 

Seagate Fast SSD Weight
Weighs only 80g

Now, you may ask, isn’t a flash drive smaller? Well, of course it is, but a flash drive is generally not used as a backup device, given its smaller storage and slower transfer speed.

Seagate Fast SSD
My usual set-up when using Seagate Fast SSD

3. Sleek, Stylish and Professional Design

Another thing that won me over is Seagate Fast SSD‘s sleek and stylish design.

I love the cool and sturdy feel of the aluminum casing and I think the silver and dark gray colour combination exudes a classy and professional image

Seagate Fast SSD
A stylish and sleek design


4. Seagate Fast SSD is a Silent Worker

Unlike a hard disk drive (HDD) that spins non-stop to read/write data, Seagate Fast SSD has no moving parts and is a silent worker. 

For the same reason, it is also said to be shock-resistant. 

Seagate Fast SSD
Works quietly

5 . Connects to Your Type-C Devices

As more and more laptops, phones and gadgets come with Type C port, you’ll be happy to note that Seagate Fast SSD offers Type-C connectivity.

I have tried connecting Seagate Fast SSD to my phone (Samsung Note 9) using a Type C to Type C cable, and it worked efficiently in moving files between the devices. 

Seagate Fast SSD also comes with a Type C to Type A (USB) cable to allow you to connect to devices that are still using USB ports, such as most desktops.

Seagate Fast SSD Unboxing
Unboxing Seagate Fast SSD (Box excludes laptop and coffee) :)
Seagate Fast SSD Cables
Type C to Type C Cable

6. Backup Automatically with Mirroring Feature

Backing up data manually is a hassle and an unreliable way of ensuring a constant copy of the latest data. When my old external drive died a few months ago, my most updated copy was 2 years old.

Yes, I lost quite a bit of data, sigh. Now that I’ve learnt my lesson, I only go for storage drives that come with auto-backup feature.

Seagate Toolkit Backup Schedule
Seagate Backup software – “Toolkit”

My first experience with Seagate’s backup software “Toolkit” came when I was reviewing the less portable but higher storage Seagate’s Backup Plus Hub. It’s good to know that Seagate Fast SSD utilizes the same backup software. For more info on how the backup software works, refer to the earlier review

In short, the Toolkit software allows you to choose the frequency and the kind of data you like to backup. And then you can just forget about it as it does the work for you automatically. 

Note: The backup software works with PC and laptop but I don’t think it’s designed to work with mobile devices such as my android phone. 

7. Warranty & Free Software

Seagate Fast SSD comes with 3 years of warranty and 2 months complimentary access to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan (as at time of writing).

You may be happy to know that the Adobe complimentary bonus is stack-able, meaning to say that if you have two Seagate devices that come with the same bonus, you would get 4 months of Adobe access. That’s what I’m enjoying! :) 

8. Optional Top Up for Seagate Rescue Service

Need insurance for your data? Seagate offers a 2- and 3-year Rescue Service Plan which safeguards your data in the event of a data crash, virus, accidental deletions or failure.

Seagate Rescue Service
Seagate Rescue Service

In Singapore, you can get the Seagate Rescue Plan from Popular bookstores (see store locations) at the following rates:

Standalone Purchase
2-year – $29.90
3-year – $39.90

Purchase with Purchase of Seagate Drive(s)
2-year – $11.90
3-year – $19.90

This Rescue Service is not limited to just Seagate devices. It covers all brands and types of digital storage devices. 


What you may not like about Seagate Fast SSD

1. The Price

Speed ain’t cheap. If you want a solid state drive, you’ve got to pay for it. 

A 500GB Seagate Fast SSD retails at about S$169 in Singapore (view latest price). At this price, you can get a 4TB normal hard drive from the same brand.

Though more pricey than a traditional drive, Seagate Fast SSD is reasonably-priced when compared with SSDs from other brands.

2. Smaller Storage 

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a 250GB to 2TB model when you buy Seagate Fast SSD.

Those who are looking for higher storage would have to check out Seagate’s traditional drives, such as Backup Plus Portable Drive (up to 5TB) and Backup Plus Hub (up to 10TB). 

3. No Hardware Encryption

Seagate Fast SSD doesn’t come with password protection and hardware encryption. If you need a portable drive to store sensitive information, check out other models such as Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch.


Recommendation: Who would love Seagate Fast SSD?

Seagate Fast SSD would appeal to someone who places priority over four key features, namely speed, lightweight & bulk-free, Type-C connectivity and auto-backup feature.  

For the record, this is the first and only hard drive that I carry around with me all the time. Since I already have a Backup Plus Hub to backup my desktop data, this Seagate Fast SSD is mainly for things I need on-the-go. It would likely replace my dropbox which caps me at 5GB on the free plan. Rating: 4.5/5

To find out the latest price on Amazon, click HERE


That’s all for today’s review. Hope you’ve found it useful. If you love more of such honest review, feel free to connect by clicking the button below. You’ll also get access to all my exclusive contents. Chat soon!


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