Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX: You can skip double cleansing with this makeup remover

Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX is the second product from Dr. Ci:Labo I’ve tried, and I absolutely love it! This makeup cleanser warms the face like a thermal mask and removes makeup effectively. Best of all, I didn’t get any pimples even after skipping double-cleansing.

Read on and I’ll share what else I like (and dislike) about this Japan makeup remover. For info, I’m testing a deluxe sample that I bought in Osaka. It contains only 18g, while a full-sized tube comes with 120g of product.

Dr Ci Labo Samples
Bought this Dr.Ci:Labo trial kit for 1000 yen in Osaka
Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX
Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX (Deluxe Size – 18g)


What is Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX?

It may not be clear from its name what Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX does. I’d initially thought it was a foaming face wash because it does look like one, doesn’t it? But it’s not.

Instead, Super Cleansing EX is a makeup remover that contains friendly ingredients to suit those with dehydrated and sensitive acne-prone skin. Containing 83% beauty ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Amino Acids, Dr. Ci:Labo super cleanser would leave your skin clean, supple and well-hydrated. 

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On top of that, this gentle makeup cleanser is also free from undesirable ingredients such as alcohol, perfume, color, mineral oils and paraben. Here’s the full ingredient list for those who are interested in the science behind the product – it’s a very long list. :)

Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX
Full-sized tube (120g)


What are Dr. Ci:Labo’s advertised benefits?

Other than removing makeup and impurities, Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX also promises a slew of other benefits. Here’s the full list:

  1. Removes makeup thoroughly
  2. Removes impurities trapped in pores
  3. Brightens skin
  4. Tightens skin
  5. Promotes skin suppleness
  6. Removes old keratin
  7. Improves the skin’s surface

Sounds like an excellent cleanser already? Let’s see how this makeup remover fares in real life. 


How to apply Dr. Ci: Labo Super Cleansing EX?

Super Cleansing EX has a medium-thick consistency that reminds me of a toothpaste, albeit a more translucent one. 

On my first attempt, I squeezed out an amount I thought was generous enough and applied it over my dry face. My first observation was how the product took more time and effort to spread over the skin than a cleansing oil. There was a bit of tugging involved which made me worried, as I thought such pulling of the skin may lead to premature aging. 

That prompted me to use an even larger quantity on subsequent attempts, or to be more precise, a “grape-size” amount as instructed. However, this didn’t make Dr.Ci:Labo Cleansing EX any easier to spread, which is logical as the thick gel is still not a fluid unlike a cleansing oil. 

Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX
Grape-size amount per application. Mine is a small grape! :)

Takes longer to apply, but can be made enjoyable

To prevent excessive tugging of skin, I forced myself to slow down by adopting an unhurried cleansing pace. I also made sure my fingers moved in an upward circular motion to ensure that the skin is lifted throughout the cleansing process.

Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX
Thick gel reminds me to slow down

Soon, I realised what this thick gel was doing to me. It actually served as a daily reminder for me to slow down. And by doing so, my fingers instinctively went on to give myself a DIY pressure-point massage. LOL!

Yes, I would glide my fingers slowly across my face and exert pressure on some points, such as the inner corners of my eyes, the temples and at the outer corners of the nose. It feels quite shiok actually! You should try it. 

Warming Sensation Opens Up Pores

As soon as the gel is massaged into the skin, you will feel a distinct warm sensation. I can imagine how pleasant this would feel when used during the cold season. Alas, I’m in Singapore – a country with summer all-year-round. 

But not to worry as the warming feel lasted for only as long as the product was on the face, which was a short while. I am happy to learn that the warming process helps open up pores so that dirt and sebum can be lifted off easily. 

Can you really rinse it off using just water?

Yes, you can. After massaging is complete, just rinse the face with water and you can start applying toner, lotion etc. There is no need for double cleansing, which is what I appreciate the most about Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX!

Without the need for double cleansing, I can skip the harshest product in my beauty routine – the forming cleanser.

Another thing I like about Super Cleansing EX is the clear end point to the cleansing process. Your face will no longer feel slippery towards the end. This is not the case for many products out there in the market.


What to expect after Cleansing with Dr.Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX? 

Is the face thoroughly cleansed?

Based on my experience, all my face makeup were removed completely. But do take note that I do not wear stubborn makeup except on the eyes.

For the purpose of this review, I tried using Super Cleansing EX to remove my favourite waterproof mascara and it didn’t work very well. But I don’t view this as a flaw because I believe eye makeups should be removed using dedicated eye makeup removers. They tend to work faster and don’t sting the eyes. 

Does skin feel tight after cleansing?

Most of us who have dehydrated skin would prefer a cleanser that isn’t too drying. With 83% of beauty ingredients in Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX, it comes as no surprise why my face felt so comfortable after cleansing.

There was not a hint of skin tightness. In fact, I thought my face felt lightly-moisturised after cleansing. :) 

Any pimples after using Dr.Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX?

There are some makeup removers in the market that claim to work without the need for double cleansing. However, I’ve often experienced pimple flare-up when I skipped the second-step cleansing (foaming wash).

That’s not the case with Dr. Ci:Labo! That’s why I’m so pleased with Super Cleansing EX as it is truly a one-step cleanser. So far, my face has remained pimple-free during the testing period. As at time of writing, this is the only makeup remover that I dare use without following up with a foaming face wash. 


Price of Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX

A full-sized tube of 120g is priced at S$50 in Singapore. This is definitely not cheap for a product that doesn’t stay on the skin for long and which requires a generous amount to work. However, I’m actually inclined to repurchase it due to its friendliness towards dehydrated and pimple-prone skin.

For your easy reference, here are its latest prices on Amazon and Ebay.

Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX
Source: Dokodemo.world


Summary: Pros Vs Cons

What’s Good?

  1. Contains good quality ingredients and is free from undesirable ones
  2. Requires only one-step cleansing
  3. Cleanses well without causing skin tightness
  4. No pimples
  5. Warms the face (great if used during cold season)

What’s Bad? 

  1. Less easy to spread over face than cleansing oil
  2. Does not remove waterproof mascara (and probably stubborn makeup)
  3. Not cheap 


Should you buy Dr.Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX? 

I recommend Dr. Ci:Labo Super Cleansing EX to those who are looking for a one-step cleanser and/or who have dehydrated, sensitive or acne-prone skin. If you have been living a fast-paced life, this makeup remover may also help you to slow down and reward you with a daily DIY massage. 

The only real flaw I can think of is its above-average price. But I think for all the benefits this cleanser offers, the price seems reasonable. Rating: 4.5/5


To find out the latest price on Amazon, click HERE


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