Majolica Majorca Brow Powder for full brow lovers

Majolica Majorca Brow Powderwas sitting idle and neglected on my vanity table for god knows how many years. It was hardly touched because of its’ inability to produce defined brows – you know, the kind that gives you a sharp and distinct shape. 

Majolica Majorca Brow Powder
The wide-circumference foam tip

Things changed. In recent weeks, I found myself picking Majolica Majorca Brow Powder from among the eye brow stash I own, sometimes even bypassing my holy grail Brow Pencil. Why? Make a guess?

Because I now spot a full brow. Filling in these thick brows with Majolica Majorca Brow Powder is such a breeze! Let me explain more in the review below.


What’s Good about Majolica Majorca Brow Powder

1.  Quick & Easy for Full Brows

Full brows have been all the rage in recent years, probably due to the influence of K-pop where young mei mei (little sisters) spot flat and full brows to create that sweet, soft and innocent look. I was a little late to the trend but did grow out my brows too last year because my other half suddenly declared that he preferred the “thick-brow” or what he called the “natural” look. So yeah, I did it for him, not for K-pop, ok? Ain’t I sweet?

The greatest thing about this switch is the reduction in brow-plucking and shaping sessions. The bad thing – well, it took me longer to draw and fill my brows with brow pencils. They also deplete faster due to more material needed for the now larger “drawing” surface area.

That’s when Majolica Majorca Brow Powder came to the rescue. It’s thick foam tip deposits a wide circumference of colour per stroke. A few strokes were all it took to complete the “filling” job. Moreover, there isn’t a need to aim, draw or blend – just swipe it a few times and you are ready to go.

Majolica Majorca Brow Powder
Swatch of Majolica Majorca Brow Powder (BR660)

By the way, the lid is where the powder resides. If you need more colour, just insert the foam tip end back into the lid.

Majolica Majorca Brow Powder
Where the power resides

2. Ultra Natural-Looking

Not just natural, but ultra-natural.

Majolica Majorca Brow Powder offers an extremely natural look, casual enough for you to wear it to the supermarket or the beach. Even the darkest colour (BR660 Black to dark brown) which I own appeared soft and subtle.

Majolica Majorca Brow Powder
Majolica Majorca Brow Powder (4 colours)
Majolica Majorca Brow Powder
Before-After applying BR660

See? This brow powder looks perfectly fine even if you are not wearing any makeup at all, as can be seen in the photos above.

3. Decent Brow Brush

The brush is of the right firmness – medium stiff and not overly-soft like Clio’s Killer Brow Gel Pencil. The bristles were full and appear to be of good quality. Even after many years, the brush remains intact and in shape. You have to trust the quality when the product comes from Japan. ;)

Majolica Majorca Brow Powder
Firm and full brow brush

4. Re-usable Body (“Holder”)

The brow type ranging from powder, sword cut and super slim is to be purchased separately from the holder (comes with a brush or without). Save money and yet be socially responsible. How great is that? Save the earth, ya?

Majolica Majorca Brow Powder
Buy the holder and brush separately.

5. Cheap

The header says it all.  Majolica Majorca Brow Powder (holder + powder tip) costs under $15 when I got it during Watsons’ regular sales.  Considering that you need only purchase the refill brow tip in future, this would make it a very economical brow tool to own. 


What’s Bad? 

1. Brows aren’t defined

Adore the distinct lines defining your brows?

You can forget about it if you are using Majolica Majorca Brow Powder. The best you can get is a smooth tapered end similar to the original shape of your brows. Err…that means you are borrowing the shape of your original brow, and can only enhance the colour contrast but not its shape.



I would recommend Majolica Majorca Brow Powder to those who have thick brows and who just need to deepen the shade of their brows. Those who love defined or sophisticated brows would likely not be able to appreciate this brow powder. You should consider this brow pencil instead. 

For me, I use Majolica Majorca Brow Powder whenever I’m in a casual mode (think t-shirt and shorts), in a rush or when I’m just too lazy to shape my brows. Rating: 4/5   

To find out the latest price on Amazon, click HERE and HERE.

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