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(Update: This post was first published in Aug 2014. I’ve been using DHC Lip Cream for 5 years by now. Read through this original review and check out latest thoughts here.

There are so many lip-moisturizing products out in the market. But what if you are just looking for one that you can wear at home or in bed! DHC Lip Cream meets this need with a beautifully-designed product that looks more like a lipstick, yet gives you long-lasting moisturizing benefit without the stain.

No more fear of color staining on your pillow sheet, yo!

DHC Lip Cream
DHC Lip Cream

Why is DHC Lip Cream an Editor’s Favorite?

Won’t a lip balm do the trick?  

Would you rather put on face cream or face balm when you are at home? How about applying eye balm instead of an eye cream before bedtime?

I always derived joy when I slather on skincare products on my face – serum, emulsion, cream etc. Would I feel the same joy applying a lip balm? No, I won’t. Sorry, name matters. Look matters too. Normal lip balms’ packaging aren’t exactly pretty. I mean, in all honesty, I’ll happily use a balm when I’m outdoor. But at home? No way. I need a “cream”. LOL!

DHC Lip Cream is different. It has a lipstick-style packaging where you can twist the product out from a sturdy metal tube. It looks way more pampering than applying a balm out of a plastic cylinder. And yet, DHC is so affordable (USD 7 each).

Must-Read: What I thought of DHC Lip Cream after 5 years (includes swatch of tinted ones)

DHC Lip Cream
DHC Lip Cream

Is this all about looks? Well, looks matter, don’t you think so? But rest assured that this is not just about looks. I’m not that superficial…I hope. :)

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DHC Lip Cream Provides Long-Lasting Hydration

DHC Lip Cream provides the right level of hydration. One glide can give you many hours of moisture. And all these hydration comes from a non-greasy formula. In fact, this is my go-to lip cream when I do chemical peel on my face. What’s more? This thing contains Vitamin E and olive oil, which is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.

Did you know? 

Anti-oxidant can slow down the aging process. Some food with a rich source of anti-oxidant includes tomatoes, blueberry and strawberry.


Bottom Line

Get this because:

  1. It provides long-lasting stain-free hydration
  2. It’s fragrance-free and contains anti-aging ingredient
  3. It has nice packaging
  4. It has the right name – yeah, a cream, not a balm alright?
  5. It is affordable


TIP: How to get it cheap? 

The next time you visit Japan, you want to make sure this is one of the items to load up on. It costs less than 600 yen (inclusive of sales tax) which makes it only USD5 or SGD7. Alternatively, Amazon is selling it at a price significantly cheaper than Singapore’s retail price of about SGD17. Rating: 5/5

To find out the latest price on Amazon, click HERE

For Ebay’s live pricing, click HERE

Updated (1 Nov 2014)

After 5 months of usage (I don’t use it every day), DHC lip cream started to smell a little different. I guess this is the smell that some people were complaining about. It’s hard to describe – maybe a waxy, bad-oil smell. It’s not exactly a lovely scent, but not something I couldn’t put up with. The product still works great, and I’m glad I only have 2mm of product left. Will definitely repurchase again and make sure I finish it within 5 months next time.


That’s all I have for you today and I hope you have found this review useful. If you like to get notified of my new posts, just click the button below to subscribe. I’ll even give you some free and exclusive stuff. See you there!


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