Dry Lips No More with Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick

Let’s talk about lipstick today – one that is formulated using natural ingredients and perfect for my dry and sensitive lips. I’ve been using Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick for a few months by now and love both the color (#mimosa), as well as how gentle and moisturizing it feels on my easily-irritable lips.

Good stuffs are meant to be shared and I’m sharing it with you today. Let us dive deeper into this brand from California and see if Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick is suitable for your needs too.

Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick
Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick


How different is Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics from Other Brands?

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics sets itself apart from its competition by offering mineral cosmetics. What it means is that their products are made with natural ingredients such as plant extracts and precious oils. Youngblood also said that its products are gentle enough for use on damaged or healing skin.

Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick

Ah…no wonder my sensitive lips feel so comfortable when wearing Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick. This is the exception rather than the norm in my instance – you can read about how my lips reacted badly to this lipstick from Japan. I also threw away an almost brand-new matte lipstick from Maybelline

Benefits of Mineral Cosmetics: In general, mineral cosmetics are usually preservative-free, fragrance-free and contains no filler ingredients that can clog pores. Which means that there’s a lower chance of getting pimple breakout. Sounds like something I should research more on especially for face products, since I do get clogged pores easily.

More about Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick

Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick is described as an oil-infused lipstick that delivers “luxurious, high-pigment color while moisturizing the lips with light notes of vanilla.”

It offers over 20 colors for you to choose from, with some having shimmers and others being creamy. From what I see, most colors appear quite natural looking, with only a quarter being bold colors. That’s great for me because I’ve always loved a natural look. Yes, it’s better not to scare off our first date when they see our bare face for the first time, right? :)

Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick
Youngblood lipstick in #mimosa

My Thoughts on Makeup: I know the recent trend has been on heavily-contoured face, which was once the trend in the 80s too. Yes, you’ll look nice on instagram photos. However, do you know it’ll make you look so much older in real life?

But I understand it’s a trend thing. I used to wanna look like a middle-aged woman when I was 15 years old by wearing striking-red lipstick and ultra thin brows. Yeah, so do enjoy the phase while you can. Obviously, I can’t unless I want to look older than I already am. 

From my intro para, you already know that Youngblood does fulfill her promise as a moisturizing lipstick. How about her other pros and cons? Why am I loving it so much? Let’s find out, starting with the pros.


What’s Good about Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick?

1. Moisturizing & Gentle on Dry Lips

I would categorize my lips as being dry – it would chap if I skip the lip cream or use a matte lipstick. There was also a long period (close to ten years) when I suffered from extremely sensitive lips. My lips would get red and swollen after coming into contact with salty food, such as Asian soup.

I’ve since recovered (thanks to the relentless use of this Clinique Superbalm) but am still sensitive to drying lipsticks such as those matte ones that were in trend just a while ago. I’m so glad that the trend has shifted to shiny lipstick again. Yes!!!

Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick
Wearing the color Mimosa and ready for my 7D Kuala Lumpur road trip

Okay, I’ve digressed. What I wanted to say is that the Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick (#mimosa)  feels so comfortable on my dry lips and the hydration can last for hours.

It contains Sunflower oil and is free of talc. Looking at the full ingredient list below, I see at least four types of oils and Vitamin E.

Youngblood Lipstick Ingredients

2. Flattering Shade that Plumps Up Lips

I love the color #mimosa. It’s shimmery and gives the lips a very healthy and plumped-up look. Best of all, this turns out really nice on photos to my surprise. I wasn’t expecting such a nude shade to be so flattering.

Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick #mimosa

However, do note that this shade (#mimosa) may not work for everyone. I think it’ll suit one with either a fair or very dark skin tone (I’m a Mac NW20 and Lancome PO-03). Those with medium skin tone may appear washed-out with such neutral color. 

But hey, I’m not an expert, so you may want to test out the colors at the beauty stores. Remember, there are more than 20 colors to choose from. In Singapore and Malaysia, you can find Youngblood in AsterSpring retail stores.

Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick
Surprisingly, this neutral shade turns out nice on photo
Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick
The shimmery finish “plumped’ up my thin lips

3. Long-Lasting Color

The color and shine lasts for hours as long as you don’t eat. :) Sipping drinks is okay. The color will transfer and fade off slowly, leaving an even tint of color and shine on your lips. 

4. Free of Paraben & Harsh Chemicals

Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick doesn’t contain paraben. It is also said to be free of toxic, synthetic and harmful chemicals.

5. Sturdy Black Metal Case

The matte-black metal case feels sturdy with a good weight and is well-made. The lid closes firmly with a noticeable and assuring click.


What’s Bad about Youngblood Lipstick?

1. Not Expensive, but Not A Budget Lipstick Either

I wouldn’t say Youngblood Lipstick is expensive. Neither can I describe it as a cheap lipstick. It’s priced at US$19 on its website, which is about the same price range as Clinique’s lipstick. You can view the live rates here (Amazon | Ebay).

Considering that this lipstick is made of natural ingredients, I think it’s reasonably-priced and won’t hesitate to replenish more at this price range.

2. Expect Shorter Shelf Life 

Since natural products contain little to no preservatives, please use up the lipstick within the stated expiry or earlier. When I received mine as a door gift, it was just 3 months from its expiry date. While mine worked well, the one my mom received (in a deep red “Kranberry”) had smelled rancid. As with most products that have gone bad, the lipstick was difficult to glide on and felt sticky to the touch.

Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick #Kranberry
Nice color…too bad it has gone bad – wasn’t easy to line properly.

The moral of the story – Buy and use preservative-free makeup quickly. Keep them in sight! They don’t belong to the drawers. :)

I’m only putting this #Kranberry on for this photoshoot – to show you the color. Mom loves the color and refused to bin it. :)

3. Limited Availability in Brick & Mortar Shops

I believe Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is only available in selected retail stores. But not to worry as you can easily get it online, such as from Amazon and Ebay.


Recommendation: Who would love Youngblood Mineral Lipstick?

Those with dry and sensitive lips should seriously give Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick a thought. It’s one of the best hydrating lipsticks I’ve used in a while.

Not only is it hydrating and gentle, the color that I’ve gotten is really flattering (on me). There’s no doubt that I would definitely repurchase and explore her other products. Rating: 4.5/5


View latest price onAmazon | Ebay


So, what do you think of mineral cosmetics? I’m actually quite keen to explore further as my experience has been quite good after using three other mineral makeup from the same brand – will review them shortly.

Thanks for reading as always. Hope you’ve been inspired on natural makeup like I was. Before you go, don’t forget to click the button below to subscribe to more honest beauty and travel reviews. See ya! 

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you. Read mfull disclosure for more info.


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Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipstick

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