Romantic Stroll at Stadium Riverside Walk (Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge & Lookout Tower)

Hey all, if you are wondering where else to explore in Singapore, come do a Stadium Riverside Walk at Kallang. You can walk along Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge and take in the sight of Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower

Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge

Having been in Singapore for decades, I was surprised that I didn’t know about the bridge and tower near the stadium. Thanks to Covid, it’s really forcing me to get to know Singapore inside out.

Now, let me share with you my late-night romantic stroll at Kallang. You’ll also get to read about my second revisit during the day, which was ouchie-hot! 


Let’s begin our Stadium Riverside Walk

Starting Point: Near Shopping Malls in Kallang

Since we drove, we parked at Kallang Wave Mall. It’s one of the two malls at the Stadium vicinity, and is the newer and more happening one, as compared to Leisure Park. But do manage your expectation as the shops are very much heartland-based.

Food-wise is fine, but nothing much to shop in either malls. 

Kallang Wave Mall
Kallang Wave mall (during daytime revisit)

In between these two malls is the Stadium MRT (map) on circle line. So that’s where you would alight if you take a train here. Do note that actual distance between places is longer than expected. This is a big area. 

Map the Journey: Kallang Wave Mall > Stadium MRT > Stadium Riverside Walk 

Stadium Riverside Walk


Captivated by River-front Dining @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

Soon, I passed by Singapore Indoor Stadium and was drawn to the romantic ambiance of some river-front restaurants. I told myself I would revisit soon, to have dinner or a beer there one day.

Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge

Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge was right in front of me. Even if it may pale in comparison to other suspension bridges I’ve seen, such as the longest suspension bridge in the world, it was still a pretty sight.

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Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge
Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge

The skyscrapers in the background and the night lights with its lovely reflections off the water made a scenic view. It’s definitely worth whipping your camera out for a few quick photos.

Stadium Riverside Walk
Beautiful reflections

Soon, we were on the bridge, and saw many cyclists. This is the path that links Gardens by the Bay to the stadium.

Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge

Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower

I’d never known about the existence of Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower. So glad I’ve had a chance to catch a glimpse of it.

Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower
Can see, cannot reach

Alas, the tower was closed for maintenance. So I couldn’t climb it to show you the view from the top. As a determined traveler, I revisited the tower after its estimated maintenance completion date. Check out my daytime revisit below! 

Did you know? Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower was build in the 1990s. It became popular in early 2000s with its Cosy Bar restaurant and bar, but the eatery closed in 2008.  


2nd visit during the day: Singapore Stadium Vicinity

So, I made another visit, this time by train. Let’s check out the daytime view of Stadium Riverside Walk. 

Places of Interests at the Stadium

Near Kallang Wave Mall, you’ll see a Sports Hub Library and a Singapore Sports Museum. I checked out the latter to escape the scorching sun. 

Sports Hub Library
Sports Hub Library
Singapore Sports Museum
Singapore Sports Museum

Singapore Sports Musuem

The Singapore Sports Museum isn’t big and can be completed quite soon, unless you are a fan of sports. It contains interesting facts about Singapore’s sports history. 

No harm checking it out if you are around the vicinity as admission is free for locals. Here are some photos. 

Singapore Sports Museum
Sports mascots
Singapore Sports Museum
Some (many) water polo medals

Stadium Riverside Walk

Done with the indoor tours, but the sun hadn’t relented. It was still so hot! Therefore, I recommend you come at night than day. Here are the views taken in the day.

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Now, if you are wondering what the brown rocket-like building is, it’s the Water Sports Centre. You can rent kayak, canoe, dragon boat etc. 

Water Sports Centre
Water Sports Centre near Singapore Stadium

Let’s start checking out the daytime views of the riverfront. Can you spot the Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower in the photo below? 

Stadium Riverside Walk
Condo and Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower

It’s in the middle of the photo, sadly, almost invisible without the night lights. In fact, without the lights, everything you see in the photos below seemed more ordinary.

That’s another reason why you should probably come at night, in addition to the cooler climate.

Stadium Riverside Walk
Skyscrapers view in the day
Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge
Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge

The night lights make a big difference, agree? Now, here’s the view taken while I was standing on the bridge.

Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge
View from the Tanjong Rhu Bridge

From the photos above, can you tell how hot it was? It was burning, chao-tar-kind-of-hot. :) Where’s my sunscreen

Here at Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower Again

And finally I reached my destination of the day, which was to climb the Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower. Alas, it was still closed after the estimated completion date of 1 Oct 2021. 

Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower
Day-time view of Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower

I gave up! LOL! And I made my way back in disappointment. A wasted trip! Sob.

Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge
Walking back towards Kallang Wave and Stadium MRT

Map the Journey: Singapore Indoor Stadium > Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge > Tanjong Rhu Lookout Tower


You can also walk to Gardens by the Bay (East)

Now, if you feel adventurous enough and like a longer hike, continue southwards from the lookout tower and you can reach Bay East Garden (map) within 15 minutes. That’s not where the Super trees and domes are though. To get to the popular tourist sights, it’s another 30 minutes walk away. 

All in all, an hour of walk or hike can get you from Stadium Riverwalk to the popular spots at Gardens by the Bay. Definitely a good way to kill boredom and stay healthy. :)

And there’s all I have for you. Hope you are coping well. I’ve been too busy at work lately and time flew by in a blink of an eye. I’ll find time to do more exploration in Singapore and to chat here with all of you. Stay safe, everyone! 


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Ok, that’s all to my “domestic” travelling. If you want to read more of such posts, click the button below to subscribe. See ya!

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