Is Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel really waterproof?

Hey guys, I bought Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel two years ago from Japan, and found it to be such an essential sunscreen for travelling (or staycation these days) that I’ve gone on to repurchase it. It provided convenience as a useful all-in-one sunscreen that can be applied to face and body in many situations, even in water. 

When I first published this post in 2019, I’d tested it under intense sun exposure when hiking in Taiwan, and swimming at Kuala Lumpur hotels. It truly works as a waterproof sunscreen and saved my skin. Let’s scrutinize Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel and examine its pros and cons.

Update (Sep 2021): This post was first published in Feb 2019 and updated to include latest opinions.

Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel


More about Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel

Not sure if you guys can recall, I’ve earlier reviewed another Suncut product in 2014 – Suncut UV Protect Gel. That was before the product was well-known or available in Singapore. Hope I’d played a part in contributing to its popularity. My 5-star review of this product has been on Google’s first page since 2014. :)

There are many ways to “influence” other than having a large follower count, like appearing on the first page of Google search for infinite period. It takes a lot of hard work, but I’m glad Google has treated me well. With a certified SEO score of Grade A, 80% of my articles are on Google search’s first page. 

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Furthermore, IG seems to succeed in making girls wear less or encourage people to fake an overly-perfect lifestyle. Maybe, I’m just old-fashioned to think this way. :)

SEO Certificate

Sorry, I’d digressed. Anyway, while in Japan in 2019, I’d decided to purchase Suncut’s waterproof version which comes in a yellow bottle. I can still recall standing in front of the shelf at Don Quijote for a darn long time, trying to figure out the difference between the various Suncut products.

As you see, Suncut comes packed in various colors, such as baby blue, yellow and royal blue. And under each color, you can choose either a gel, essence or spray. It certainly didn’t help speed up the purchase process when the packaging were printed in Japanese.

Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel
Um…???? I don’t understand Japanese


Which Suncut Sunscreen to choose for your needs? 

Well, I’m gonna help you figure out the difference. Let’s first decide on which color to go for:

  • For normal use, choose Suncut UV Protect Gel (baby blue version)
  • For waterproof use, choose the one in Yellow or Royal Blue. Based on marketing info, it seems like the Royal Blue version is more superior in repelling water. Hence I’ll probably use the yellow version if I’m going to be in water for a brief period or for land activity when I know I’ll perspire profusely, e.g. hiking. And when it comes to activities when I’ll be exposed to sun+water for more than a few hours (e.g. island-hopping tour), I’ll probably choose the Royal Blue bottle.
  • For daily use over makeup, choose the white or pink version which come only in the form of a spray. The latter comes with fragrance
  • For a cool menthol feel, choose the Icy Blue version. 

Next, do we choose a Suncut Gel, Essence or Spray? 

Now that you have decided on the color, let’s choose its hydrating level.

If you want a moisturizing sunscreen, go for the “essence” that comes in a tube. I recall that it’s slightly pricier than the “gel” that comes in a bottle.

How about the spray?

Whether you choose the spray or gel depends on your preference. I personally prefer gel or lotion because I can be certain that all areas have been applied evenly. However, spray has its advantages too as it can protect difficult or awkward to reach areas such as hair or armpit (armpit??? Assuming someone love to swim on his back or walk around with raised arms :P). You can even use the white and pink sprays over makeup. :)

Okay, now that we’ve figured out the different variation of Suncut Sunscreen products, let me show you the pros and cons of the Yellow Bottle, i.e. Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel.

Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel
Reviewing Suncut Waterproof Gel that comes in a bottle


What’s Good about Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel? 

1. It’s Waterproof 

As I’ve described earlier, this yellow version is waterproof. Here’s what the brand says about Suncut’s waterproof feature:

“Continuous reduction of strong UV rays confirmed in an 80-minute water-resistance test.
It melds to skin to provide sustained UV reduction that won’t come off even if you sweat.” ~ Suncut Official Website

So far, I’d used Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel during a brief swimming session in Kuala Lumpur and did not get any darker. However, the sun intensity then wasn’t intense and the exposure lasted less than an hour.

If I know I’ll be in water for a long duration (e.g. snorkeling), I may opt for Banana Boat SPF80.

Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel

2. High & Effective UV Protection

Suncut Waterproof UV Protect Gel provides a reasonably high protection of SPF50 PA++++, which is an industry-standard for most UV products meant for the face.

I remember how I was using it during an hour-long hike up Hehuanshan Mountain where the sun was intense. My partner who refused to use a sunscreen suffered a bad sunburn while I remain perfectly unscathed. This was despite perspiring during the hike.

3. Affordable Sunscreen

Suncut UV Protect Gel is affordably priced, especially if you buy it in Japan. I spent only ¥700 when I got it tax-free at Don Quijote, Ginowan. That’s just S$8.50.

You can check out how much it costs online at Amazon. The photo below shows the price at Don Don Donki, Singapore. 

Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel
Prices in Singapore – obtained from Don Don Donki

Other than being priced reasonably (in Japan), the quantity is generous for a product that can be used on the face. Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel comes with 100g of product. This is generous as compared to industry average of just 30-50g. As such, I didn’t mind applying it on my body when I was travelling, which makes it convenient for packing.

Suncut Protect Gel can be used on face and body. When I’m not travelling, I use it only on the face and apply a cheaper body sunscreen over the body. When I’m travelling, I don’t mind using Suncut Protect Gel on both my face and body as it trims my baggage and also isn’t too expensive to squander on the large surface area of the body. :)

4. Light-weight & Refreshing

Similar to the non-waterproof version, Suncut Waterproof UV Protect Gel is light-weight and refreshing. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t add any greasy burden to the skin.

Once applied, it disappears into the skin and leaves no traces of white residue or stickiness.

Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel
Easy and mess-free application
Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel
Vanish in seconds – light and refreshing

5. No Pimples

I was 100% pimple-free when holidaying in Central Taiwan. Since Suncut UV Gel was one of the skincare products used during the week-long holiday, it must be pimple-safe too (on my skin).

6. Easy to Wash Off

Many sunscreen products out there need to be removed with a proper makeup remover to prevent pimples breakout. Not with Suncut Protect Gel – this gel can be removed using just soap and water.

Know who can benefit most from this feature? Man! :) And everyone who hardly wear makeup and hence seldom touch a makeup remover. 

7. Works Great Under Makeup

Suncut UV Protect Gel can double-up as a makeup base. It is said to “improve the hold of your foundation and keeps your makeup in place, preventing deterioration.”

I find that my makeup goes on nicely above this layer of gel. No conflict! :)

8. Free of Fragrance, Color and Mineral Oil

Those who have skin allergies may be keen to know that Suncut Protect Gel is free of fragrance, color and mineral oil.

Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel


What’s Bad? 

1. May be Drying

Ethanol is the third ingredient in the list. As you know, the earlier an ingredient appears on the list, the higher it is in terms of quantity. And ethanol is known to be drying.

While I wouldn’t mind using it when I was younger and oozing with sebum (in my teens till 30s), I may have to refrain from using it daily now that my skin is drier. However, if applied over and above rich day cream, this should work fine!

Suncut Waterproof Ingredients

Here’re the first few ingredients that I’ve gotten off the packaging using Google Translate:

Water, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, ethanol, isododecanepolysilicone – 15 diethylaminohydroxy-benzoyl hexyl, silica



I enjoy using Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel because it is so lightweight and somewhat cooling. This is especially useful to someone who stays in a hot and humid climate with four seasons being Very Hot, Extremely Hot, Ultra Hot and Hot. :)

As you can tell from the long list of pros, Suncut UV Gel is a great sunscreen and I highly recommend it to those with normal to oily skin. I’ve also found it extremely useful when packing for staycation or vacation. Just one bottle of this can serve as sunscreen for the face and body, and it can also be used for almost all types of activities, including sports and water activities. Very versatile indeed! 

Another group who can benefit from Suncut Protect Gel is men! They don’t have to worry about white residue, greasiness or having to remove the sunscreen properly with a makeup remover. Rating: 4.5/5


View latest price on: Amazon


That’s all for today and thanks for reading as always. If you find today’s review useful, you can get more useful and honest reviews by subscribing through the button below. See you again! 



(This post was first published in Feb 2019 and last updated to include latest information and opinion.)

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you. Read mfull disclosure for more info.

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